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On Vacation! Next Live Show is on May 5th

Hi Everyone!

Looks like we ran out of time this week to get out Ep 253. Sig and I are out for next week on vacation, so I’ll hand you some DDO news before we’re out:

New 4-part DevTrailer for DDO: Beyond the Web: Forgotten Realms – Part 1

  • Highlights Include
    • Erik Boyer (Senior Dev) – Eberron is where we came from: Mage-punk, technoogy is magic.
    • Fernando Paiz – Forgotten Realms is the most iconic settings of D&D. Getting to Ferun from Eberron is very big deal and getting it right is important.
    • Dan Haard (Associate Lead Artist) – We have to be careful when dealing both Eberron and Forgotten Realms, because they are both beloved properties by fans. So turbine is working with Wizards of the Coast
    • Rick Liu (Lead Content Designer) – Treat both worlds and the connection between the worlds with respect; its not a trivial thing to go between campaign settings
    • Charles Miles (Senior Content Designer) – The whole linchpin between the settings is Lolth, who is powerful enough to create bridges through worlds.
  • Images Seen
    • Village of Evening Star both in game and art concepts
    • Art Concepts, Framing, In-game of King’s Forest
    • Polygonal modeling wire frames of environments, before 3D rendering has been applied.
  • Part 2 coming on May 4th

Build Your Guild!

  • What is Build Your Guild? It’s a fun way to earn in-game bonuses and get an army together to take on the Drow!  Are you a new or returning player?*
    • Get these benefits from joining a guild:
      • Get +10% XP and +1 Loot just for grouping with fellow guild members!
      • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 8!**
      • Earn one Large Bounty for reaching levels 12 and 16!
      • Earn two Large Bounties for reaching level 20!
    • Your entire guild will get these bonuses as well:
      • Non-new and non-returning players who are grouped with new or returning guild members earn +5% XP and +1 Loot!
      • Non-new and non-returning player characters will earn a Small Bounty for their guild at levels 12, 16 and 20!
      • Large Bounties will award 25,000 Guild Renown and five Astral Diamonds, and Small Bounties will award 2,500 Guild Renown. All Bounties are subject to guild size bonuses, and are affected by Guild Renown Elixirs.

Crystal Cove is Back! Now Thru May 6th

Good News:  Bound To Account/Character Bag Bug  to be fixed in the Next Patch

New DDO Store Features

  • New Bookmark Features:
    • When you first enter the DDO Store, you can go straight to a list of the things you’ve bookmarked by clicking the bookmark icon, which looks like the above image. NOTE: If you put an account item into your bookmarks list, that item will be removed from your bookmarks once purchased.
    • To bookmark an item, go to that item’s description, and you will see a “Bookmark This Item” button. Press it and it’s bookmarked!
  • New Icons
    • Featured Items: Items with this icon are the recent additions and are displayed prominently in the store.
    • Hot Items: Items with this icon are current bestsellers in the store.
    • Limited Time Items: Items with this icon are only available in the store for a limited time.
    • New Items: Items with this icon have been newly added to the store.
    • Sale Items: Items with this icon are currently on sale in the store.
    • Seasonal Items: Items with this icon are seasonal items, and may be unavailable once the current season ends.

More Point Bundles

  • 11,000 TP for $100
  • 24,000 TP for $200

DDO Bonus Days

  • Get +20% Guild Renown through April 29th!

DDO Store Sales

  • NOW thru May 3rd: 30% off Guild XP, High-Level Adventure Packs, Astral Diamonds and SP Pots

Massively’s Look at DDO Monsters with Pictures!

MMO Reporter has a super nice video on MotU from their PAX East Tour

Samius’ AC List


PAX East 2012 DDOCast Press Tour with Fernando Paiz

Hi everyone! Here’s the whole interview with DDO Exec Producer Fernando Piaz along with some great video of MOTU! Many thanks to Steiner-D, our PAX East Contact! This interview took place on Saturday, April 7, 2012. The recording is very rough and no edits were made.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


DDO Lamannia Party!

Lamannia Party From Thursday April 12th, through April 28th

MajorMalphunktion Speaks!

Hey folks! For the next three weeks we are going to be running a community party on Lamannia! From Thursday April 12th, through April 28th we will be having events on Lamannia! You personally can win 250 Turbine Points once a day, just for showing up! That’s right! Every day, for just for coming to Lamannia you can win Turbine Points. If you win every day for a week that is 1750 Turbine Points! Not a bad deal eh?

Read more here >>

Here are details on how you can participate:


Dungeons & Dragons Online: Beyond the Web Trailer


Grand 250th DDOcast on March 31st!

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast!Please join us for a celebration!

DDOcast 250 Celebration: Ode to Contributors!

We have interviews featuring your favorite contributors over the years:

  • Skaggy the Poet!
  • Rowanheal from Girl Gamer
  • PAX Reporter & Definitive Collectibles’ Stiener-D
  • Clankenbeard & Lessah!
  • Rheebus the Rogue
  • Samius the Fat Halfing
  • Shamgard from Epic Education
  • LittleWind from Lifting the Veil
  • OCD Gamer’s Ryz
  • Ecgric of Premium Perspective
  • Strype from Back to the Lab
  • Merlask (aka Tolero from Turbine!)
  • Alex Haddox from Inside the Monastery

Wow! 250 in FIVE YEARS! Please join us!!


DDOcast Shirts & Shinies for YOU!

Because  you asked so nicely!  Treasures for you!

You an view more merc goodies on our Shirts and Shinies Page >>


Happy GM’s Day! And Remember Gary Gygax Day

GMs Day: March 4th

Yes, all you gamer geeks out there. March 4th is worldwide GM Day, a day where we recognize the hard work and dedication of our GMs. Our game masters who spend hours planning the dungeons our adventurers crawl through. Those brave souls that let us use those uber-kewl new feats we found in some little-known supplement. Those dedicated individuals who, even though we have destroyed their detailed storylines over and over, continue to try and bring us a story anyway.

In 2008 of the same day, “The Orginal DM” Gary Gygax passed away. In the 1960s, he created an organization of wargaming clubs and founded the Gen Con gaming convention. In 1971, he helped develop Chainmail, a miniatures wargame based onmedieval warfare. He co-founded the company Tactical Studies Rules (TSR, Inc.) with childhood friend Don Kaye in 1973. The following year, he and Dave Arneson created Dungeons & Dragons, which expanded on his work on Chainmail and included elements of the fantasy stories he loved as a child.

GM’s Day is the brainchild of the folks at, once of the most popular gaming forums on the net. What started as a little net appreciation for GMs turned into an annual event. It’s an excuse to buy your GM a bribe so he or she won’t smite your character outright. Pamper your GM with a gift of games, beer, snacks, and/or hug!

Gary Gygax


DDO Update 13 + Menace of the Underdark Pre-orders!

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the UnderdarkDungeons & Dragons Online – Update 13: Web of Chaos

Serving as the prequel to DDO’s upcoming expansion, Menace of the Underdark, Update 13: Web of Chaos brings:

3 New Free Quests

  • The Lords of Dust: The Silver Flame must now contend with an uprising cult! Controlled by the Rakshasas, the cult of the Lords of Dust have one priority – free the ancient demons trapped in Khyber.
  • Servants of the Overlord: Venture deep down into Khyber and fight resistance as you attempt to thwart the Rakshasas from freeing the imprisoned “Spinner of Shadows”!
  • The Spinner of Shadows: Engage in an ambitious battle as you fight to hold off the release of the Spinner of Shadows! Though beware of thinking your task is over, for a menacing journey awaits.

Veteran Status (7)

  • Now start your new character at level 7 and gain a head start! Earn through favor or purchase in the DDO Store.

New to the DDO Store

  • Cloak of Resistance – Aid yourself in the defense of magic attacks and traps
  • Necklace of Protection – Increase your armor class by 1
  • +1 Elemental Touch Weapons – A full suite of level 1 weapons are now available
  • Use the Omnispell Dust and Omnispell Stone in place of the material component of any magic spell. Free up inventory space!

Official Update 13 Release Notes can be found here!

Menace of the Underdark Pre-orders!

Now through June 24th you can Pre-Order the latest Dungeons and Dragons Expansion, Menace of the Underdark:

$79.99 – Collector’s Edition – You will receive the Menace of the Underdark Expansion Adventure Packs, the Druid Class, Epic Destinies, and the Eveningstar Challenge Pack at launch, plus access to the following items that you can begin using immediately:

  • Greater Tome of Learning
  • Lesser Tome of Learning
  • 2,000 Turbine points
  • Veteran Status (Level 7)
  • Veteran Status (Level 4)
  • DDO Epic Classics Adventure Pack bundle
  • DDO Classics Adventure Pack bundle
  • Pre-Purchase Bonus Items!
  • Demonweb Spiderling Creature Companion
  • Druid’s Wolf Pup Creature Companion
  • Onyx Panther Cub Creature Companion
  • Elite Spider Cult mask cosmetic helmet
  • Figurine of Wonderous Power: Onyx Panther

$49.99 – Standard Edition – Menace of the Underdark Expansion Adventure Packs, the Druid Class, Epic Destinies, and the Eveningstar Challenge Pack at launch, plus access to the following items that you can begin using immediately:

  • Greater Tome of Learning
  • 1,000 Turbine Points
  • Veteran Status (Level 4)
  • DDO Classics Adventure Pack bundle
  • Pre-Purchase Bonus Items!
  • Demonweb Spiderling Creature Companion
  • Druid’s Wolf Pup Creature Companion
  • Spider Cult mask cosmetic helmet

$29.99 – Base Edition – You will receive the Menace of the Underdark Expansion Adventure Packs and Epic Destinies at launch, plus access to the following items that you can begin using immediately:

  • Lesser Tome of Learning
  • Pre-Purchase Bonus Items!
  • Demonweb Spiderling Creature Companion

Visit the following links for more info:

Menace of the Under Dark Pre-Order Pictures


DDOcast 245 Live! Sat, Jan 21 @ 3pm EST

Wow! What a news week! Update 13, Forgotten Realms, Durids, Pets, Underdark! Ohhh my! Join us this Saturday as we give you the latest news on Dungeons and Dragons Online.

DDOcast 245 - a DDO Podcast


DDO Update 13 + DDO: Menace of the Underdark

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the UnderdarkBreaking news today for DDO! We’ve got Update 13 and a new DDO Expansion featuring the Forgotten Realms Setting and the Underdark! Looks like our speculation in episode 244 wasn’t too far off the mark!

Summary of New Features for DDO Sixth Birthday Update #13:

  • Release date is February 22nd!
  • New cosmetic pets!  – Like last year’s crafting system introduction, the cosmetic pet system will be rolled out over time.  Gotta collect them all!
  • A new  adventure pack that opens the door to the new storyline, Menace of the Underdark. This will serve as the beginning  of how Eberron and Forgotten Realms (Faerun) are connected.

DDO: Menace of the Underdark (DDO:MotU) Features:

  • DDO in a new campaign setting, Forgotten Realms! – You start in the village of Eveningstar and adventure through the surrounding King’s Forest wilderness in the nation of Cormyr
  • New Encounters with Drow and Lolth – But do they have Umber Hulks?
  • Finally, The Druid Class – you’ve been wanting it, now you get it! DRUIDS are HERE!
  • Level Cap Increased to 25 – True Epic Levels with character customization options to match your EpicWin-ness!
  • MotD is a premium expansion – The first actual paid for expansion for DDO. No word on cost yet.
  • Release date is This Summer – no exact day just yet!

Exciting news for DDO, especially in light of Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Next announcements!  Of course we’ll be talking about this on DDOcast 245!  Call us at 1-650-DDO-LICH or a message if you got questions or comments you’d like to share!

Also, starting today through Jan 22nd everyone gets 20% XP Bonus and 20% off on all XP Bonus Pots in game!

If you’d like more details here are some links:

And oh, here are those URL’s we found from last Podcast:

Lolth of the Drow


Festivult Jester Build!

Now with Simulated Drunken Stupor!

The jester is drunk and he trades cookies for coin, hard to say what class that is so its pretty much up to you.  I went with a Wizard with two levels or Arty up front

My thinking is since the jester wears robes, I want a robe wearing class. I like the idea that as an artificer he makes goodies, and it gives me haggle as a class skill which seems appropriate. Wizard will give him access to the majority of the cookie spells. I went for pale master and be a zombie Festivult Jester which looks just a bit like a drunken stupor that you find the Jester in, but also because I just like pale masters a lot.

Mechanically, artificer-wizard is probably a little weaker than rogue-wizard. You miss out on evasion and a few skill points. What you gain is a nice starter weapon with the repeaters, access to rune arms as spell enhancing weapons, a tiny umd bump, and more spell points. In either case you get UMD and trap skills which are a nice side line for a caster. While evasion is unquestionably superior in end game, the cross bow and rune are are simply a lot of fun and make playing a low level caster a breeze.



Dec 17 @ 3PM EST: Live DDOcast 243!

Join us for a bit of Festivult cheer this Saturday!  We got Hotfix news, poems, Festivult Crunchy Bits build, and more!


Dec 14, 2011 DDO Hotfix for Challenges: Update 12, Patch 2

DDO Logo

Today’s Hotfix is now up! Official Release Notes for Update 12, Patch 2 are found here.


  • Fixed several “String table” errors on challenge items and augment slots.
  • Characters can no longer be power-leveled in challenges.


  • Existing cookie jars should now contain the new cookies properly.
  • There are now recipes to turn in old Stormreaver and Black Abbot raid loot items to grant them the “upgradeable” effect, which will allow them to be upgraded with Seals from the Hard/Elite difficulty modes of those raids.
  • Three items from the Black Abbot raid (Breeze, Enduring Conviction, and Unwavering Ardency) were only appearing in upgradeable form on Normal difficulty. Now the upgradeable versions are available on Hard and Elite as well.
  • The Tinker’s Finesse set bonus now correctly grants the wearer True Seeing.

Known Issues can be found here!


Festivult Cookies & Cakes for Dec 2011

winter beholder

Hey DDO Fans and DDOcast Listeners,

Here are the list of cookies and cakes for this year’s Festivult in December 2011. I’ve included the whole list, including the five new ones and the updated ones (only two really). Enjoy!

Icon Name Spell
New Cookies
Kobold Cookie Kobold Cookie Wondrous Power: kobold jumping powers & a purple crystal. Used in Collection Challenges.
Lord of Blades Cookie Lord of Blade Cookie Wondrous Power: Adventure Area Slayer Boost 10% for 30 min
Madusa Cookie Medusa Cookie Flesh to Stone
Taken Cookie Taken Cookie Wondrous Power: it will make you look “Absolutely Fabulous”
Toven d'Cannith Cookie Toven d’Cannith Cookie Radiant Forcefield
Updated Cookies & Cakes
cookie Mabar, The Endless night Jelly Cake Wail of the Banshee
cookie Shavarath, The Battleground Jelly Cake Blade Barrier
Festivult Cookies
cookie Arraetrikos Cookie Meteor Swarm
cookie Beholder Cookie Disintegrate
cookie Black Abbot Cookie Stoneskin
cookie Black Abishai Cookie Remove Fear
cookie Blue Abishai Cookie Blur
cookie Green Abishai Cookie Neutralize Poison
cookie Hezrou Cookie Infernal Power
cookie Queen Lailat, the Marilith Cookie Burning Blood
cookie Red Abishai Cookie Protection from Energy: Fire
cookie Stormreaver Cookie Call Lightning Storm
cookie Succubus Cookie Mass Charm Monster
cookie Suulomades Cookie Freedom of Movement
cookie Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie Cometfall
cookie Warforged Titan Cookie Titan’s Grip
cookie White Abishai Cookie Fire Shield (cold version)
cookie Xyzzy Cookie Bee Breath
Festivult Cakes
cookie Daanvi, the Perfect Order Jelly Cake Defender of Law
cookie Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake Wondrous Power: Diseased, but gain some spell points afterwards
cookie Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake Death Ward
cookie Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake Fire Shield (fire version)
cookie Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake Sunburst
cookie Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cake Hound of Chaos
cookie Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly Cake Spike Growth
cookie Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly Cake Ice Storm
cookie Syrania, the Azure Sky Jelly Cake Jump
cookie Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake Prismatic Spray
cookie Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake Otto’s Sphere of Dancing

No Live Show This Week! Next Show: Dec 17th

Hey DDO Fans!  Just wanted to let you that there is no Live show tomorrow, we’re out enjoying some holiday fun with our family and friends!  Our next live show will be on Saturday, December 17th @ 3pm EST (Noon PST / GMT -5).  We hope you’re enjoying the season!

Merry Festivult from Arraetrikos!


This Sat Live Show DDOcast 241 – One Year for Us!

Hey all! Sig and I have been hosting DDOcast for 1 year now! 🙂  Join us as we celebrate in our own modest way.


Upgrading Reaver’s Fate Loot

Stormreaver Monument as of U12

As of Update 12, you can now upgrade named items looted from the raid, “The Reaver’s Fate”. Here’s a simple how to:

  1. Gather Seals of the Stormreaver by running the raid on elite difficulty.
  2. Visit the Stormreaver Monument in Gianthold.
  3. Place the seals and the named items in the Monument to upgrade the named item to a more powerful form.
  4. You can preview the available upgrades by visiting the Monument and clicking the list interface.
  5. IMPORTANT: Items looted before U12 do not have the ability on them to be upgraded, and cannot. BUT you can “fix” them by placing them in a Stone of Change.  This feature is NOT LIVE YET!  but will be in a later hotfix.

Here’s a list of items and what they can be upgraded to:

  • Amulet of the Stormreaver gains Protection +5 and Superior Lightning Resistance
  • Cloudburst gains Lightning Strike
  • Dreamspitter gains Force Burst
  • Gauntlets of Eternity gains Superior Devotion VI, Heal +15, and Repair +15
  • Head of Good Fortune gains Heavy Fortification and Dodge Bonus +2]]
  • Madstone Boots gains Dexterity +6, Superior Potency VII and Striding +30%
  • Madstone Shield gains Improved Bashing and Shield Bashing – 10%
  • Ring of Lies gains Charisma Skills – Exceptional Bonus +1 and Improved Deception
  • Stormreaver’s Napkin gains Spell Penetration VII
  • Tenderizer gains Bone Breaking and Spikes
  • Ventilated Bracers gains Open Lock +5, Disable Device +5, and Armor Bonus +7

DDOcast now has a Google+ Page!

Huzza! We now have a Google+ page! Encircle and Enjoy!


DDO News for Week of 10/23 to 10/29

No DDOcast this week!

Lantern Joe Episode 240 will be aired live on November 5th @ 3PM EST (Noon PST / GMT -4). Sig and I are off to enjoy our Anniversary! But don’t worry next week we’ll bring you more news on Update 12 on Lamannia.

This Week in DDO News

Update 12: Vaults of the ARtificers Officially Announced

DDO Update 12 Vaults of the ArtificersInfo on Update 12 was released today and officially titled Vaults of the Artificers! Update 12 will be coming soon to DDO live servers, but you can now preview it on the Lamannia servers.
Update 12 Summary here >>
Offical DDO U12 Annoucement >>

Update 12 Events on Lamannia: Oct 29th @ 12PM EST

We’re looking for players brave enough to face Challenges on Lamannia tomorrow, Saturday Oct 29th! Those who play the Challenges can receive treats for Lamannia and for their live characters too! Join myself and 404Error (And maybe other Devs) from 12:00 PM Eastern to- 4:00 PM Eastern as they hand out treats for good little adventurers!
Read more details at the DDO Lamannia Forums >>
Offical DDO U12 Announcement >>

Turbine’s 2011 Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Air Ship Pumpkin CarvingIt’s that time of year again: the weather turns colder, the leaves turn colorful, and spooky fun turns up everywhere. It also means it’s the perfect time for a pumpkin carving contest! Turbine is looking for the best pumpkins in the following categories:

  • Asheron’s Call
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • The Lord of the Rings Online

What you win for best DDO Pumpkin:

  • 3000 Turbine Points for the DDO Store
  • Custom Forum Title: “Dragonmark of Spooky (2010)

View Contest Details here >>
View Last Year’s Pumpkins here >>

DDO Dev Team describe Update 12’s Challenge quests!

U12 Tribute to Doctor Who - Time ChallengeDDO Design Director Ian “MadFloyd” Currie, Web Content Developer Kyle “FordyTwo” Horner, Associate Content Designer “FlimsyFirewood”, Content Designer Phil “The Rocking Dead” Speer, Senior Community Specialist Amanda “Tolero” Grow and (the heroically-named) Content Designer Steve “Steelstar” Rogers chat about time travelers, new Challenges, ogre bathroom breaks and much more in the latest Developer Q&A!
Read the Full Interview here >> 

Mabar Festival Now thru Nov 2nd!

You’ll know the festival is active when the sky above House Jorasco’s Airship Tower turns blood-red, and the undead take advantage of the endless night to roam freely through Delera’s Graveyard. The festival takes place primarily in the graveyard, so get your undead-slaying gear and make your way there! Everyone, including free players, can visit the public Graveyard even if they don’t own the Delera’s adventure pack!
Read More on the Mabar Festival here >>

Mabar Lag!

GOT LAGUsers reporting lag in the Mabar festival area and in the Spectral Dragon zone. MajMalphunktion responds: “My team does not create lag, and all I can do is report it.We are just one spoke in the wheel. The issue is more complex than ‘the dragon is out!!!’. We are working on it.”
Read & Comment on the Forums here >>

All U12 Challenge Quests now Open on Lamannia, including Epics!Lamannia

  • Lavacaves: Colossal Crystals – Huuuuuge Crystals have been discovered deep within the volcanic caverns. Kobolds love shiny crystals and the Union has decided that they MUST have one of them! Go Go Go!
  • Lavacaves: Time is Money – The Time Foreman is short on Crystals but has plenty of time to trade!How long can you last?
  • Lavacaves: Circles of Power – The Kobold Mining Union has found a large amount of crystals deep inside a volcanic cavern! Filled with dangerous enemies, the Union needs your help. Additionally, Mysterious circles of unknown energies can be found throughout the caves… Maybe it is possible to harness their power!
  • Extraplanar Mining: The Dragon’s Horde – The Kobold Mining Union is in need of your help once again! This time, they’ve chosen a new location to gather Crystals from…an Extraplanar Palace that the dragon Auraxyllon has created to store his wealth.
  • Extraplanar Mining: Labor Shortage – Back inside Auraxyllon’s Palace, a new Foreman has taken over the Union. Time is short and Crystals are still needed to meet the quota! Every second counts!
  • Extraplanar Mining: Buying Time – A grizzled old Commander Foreman is working with his crew on the Extraplanar Palace. Unfortunately, He is down to his last few workers and needs your help to fill his quota.

Read more about the Epic versions here >>

U12 Shroud Update on Lamannia Make us Cry with Joy!The Shroud Arraetrikos

  • When completing the Shroud, instead of a generic list of level-appropriate random gear, you will now get a selection of Shroud ingredients, which can include anything from small/medium/large ingredients to power cells, Shards of Power, and more!
  • Extra chests will appear at the end of phase 5 on higher difficulty settings
  • One additional chest will appear on hard difficulty
  • Two additional chests will appear on elite
  • Arraetrikos went on a diet, and now has fewer hitpoints on hard and elite.

Read more about the Shroud updates and comment at the Lamannia Forums >>

Update 12 on Lamannia Highlights: Update to +3 Tome Drops

U12 and +3 TomesUnbound +1 and +2 tomes now drop at slightly lower levels. Unbound +3 tomes can now drop in regular (high level) treasure. (That release note means “You can get them in lower level dungeons than before”. We basically shifted everything down a bit.)
Read up on the status of +3 Tomes in game >>

DDO Store Sale Items now thru Nov 3rd

20% off Favored Soul, Anti-Mummy Elixirs, Mummy Rot Cures, and Lesser Anti Beholder Crystals and fast travel items. Also get a free sample of Draught of Midnight with cupon code T5VB8D
More on DDO Store Sales >>

DDO Community News

The Eberron Chronicle – Another week of community highlights for DDO

Crafting with Courtney – Howling Wearwolf – +1 Screaming Module of Bleeding

Ten Ton Hammer’s Update 12 –  Vaults of the Artificers Hands-On Preview with Paiz & Glin

Massively’s Hands-on with Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 12: Vaults of the Artificers – Rubi Bayer goes over the highlights of Update 12

And of course…Happy Halloween!


DDO Lamannia U12 Release Notes


Posted today on the DDO Lamannia Forums!

Welcome to the Lamannia Update 12 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011. These notes are subject to changes and additions.

Try Challenges on Lamannia!
Introducing Challenges, available for preview on Lamannia! These repeatable quests feature multiple objectives and mini-games with a broad range of choices!

  • Complete the objectives to collect rewards you can barter with for better loot.
  • Choose your specific level of difficulty – each Challenge supports a broad range of character levels.
  • Try to best your high score each time you play.
  • Multiple variants available with different strategies, time limits, and rewards.

Challenge Scores
Scoring is based on both a point value and a Star ranking.

Point scores determine how many reward items you will receive once the time runs out! Try to beat your personal best high scores, or compare your score with your friends’ scores!

Additionally, each Challenge has five specific star objectives. Each objective you complete rewards a blue star. For every star you earn, you earn favor points for House Cannith. Each Challenge variant has a different set of star objectives, and can offer different types of monsters, mechanics, powerups, goals and time limits.

  • You must complete the first star objective to receive items and XP for the Challenge.
  • If you complete all 5 star objectives in one run of a Challenge at its maximum available CR level, all of your blue stars will turn to gold – you’ll earn bonus favor and bonus experience!
  • Players over level (5 or more) will not be rewarded items or XP, but may still earn favor from star accomplishments.

Accessing Challenges
Visit House Cannith to participate in Challenges! Look for the challenge boards to accept your desired Challenge variant. There are multiple ways to gain entry to a Challenge:

Challenge Packs

  • The Adventure Pack grants full access all the time, any time! Free to VIPs!
  • Guest passes can be purchased to grant your friends access to challenges for a limited amount of time.

Challenge Tokens
Challenge Tokens are used to access individual Challenges one time

  • Free Daily Challenge Token
    • Visit Kariya ir’Vannis in House Cannith, near the Cannith Gorgon statue, to receive access tokens into that day’s free Challenge!
    • The available Challenge will change every day, so check back daily to see which Challenge Kariya has to offer!
    • Premium users will receive bonus Challenge tokens from Kariya!
    • Challenge tokens can be used for entry into a Challenge, or spent on one-use bonus items using the “Cannith Supply Vault” located inside the Challenge at the beginning.
  • Universal Access Token
    • Purchase a universal token for single-use access to one Challenge of your choice.

Available CR Levels
Supported level ranges for each Challenge differ; as you enter a Challenge, you may use the level selection drop down menu to chose the Challenge level you wish to play. The majority of Challenge variants are also available (separately) in Epic CR levels. Note that selecting a Challenge below your character level can result in XP and reward penalties for your party, though it will not impact your ability to earn favor.

Rename Tokens
It is now possible to change your character’s name, surname, and your pet’s name – visit the DDO Store to purchase a Rename Token! Visit the Character -> Name Changes category and select which name you’d like to change. A one-use Parchment will be delivered to your inventory. (Note that names must still comply with the Code of Conduct)

  • To change your first name, activate the Name Change Parchment (First Name) from your inventory and type in your new name. Special characters and spaces are unavailable in first names.
  • To change your surname, activate the Name Change Parchment (Surname) from your inventory and type in your new name. You may use spaces and apostrophes in your surname, but other special characters and numbers are unavailable.
  • To change your pet’s name, activate the Pet Name Certificate from your inventory. Open your pet’s character sheet by right clicking on their health bar. Click the “rename pet” button. Special characters and spaces are unavailable for pet names.