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DDOCast 332 – Elevating Your Gameplay

Join Propane & Patrick as we discuss tips on how to Elevate Your Gameplay!  Have a tip you want to share? Leave it in our Comments!

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Thanks everyone for playing in our raffle, you can find the winners here.

News – 2:14
Elevating Your Gameplay – 18:20
WWBD/Lightning Post – 1:09:10
Closing – 1:16:03

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DDOCast 329 – The Crucible

Join Patrick for the latest game news and updates and then stick around after teh show for a walkthrough of The Crucible with Patrick and Jerry

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We are putting on a raffle event with the 40th Anniversary Card Game. You could win some Turbine Points and a pile of cards. Check out the DDO Forum Post for details! 40th Anniversary Card Event!
News – 1:46
WWBD – 28:01
Lightning Post – 29:00
Closing – 31:00
Crucible – 34:12

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