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Posts tagged ‘Update 20’


DDOCast 312 – Guilds

Join Patrick, Propane, and Chris as we talk about the update 20 release and the social aspects of being in a guild!

Want to find us in game?  Type “/joinchannel ddocast” and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

News – 2:05
Guilds – 42:00
WWBD – 1:07:06
Lightning Post – 1:10:42
Closing – 1:17:00

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DDOCast 310 – (Mostly) Just the News

Join Patrick as he brings you the news – just the news mostly. There’s also some mail and an episode of Dragon Fragments!

News – 2:12
Dragon Fragments – 23:40
WWBD – 31:33
Lightning Post – 31:56
Closing – 34:05

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whats your favorite 3 barrel cove quest?
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DDOCast 309 – Ask the Devs!

Join Patrick as he interviews Producer Glin, Tolero, and Cordovan about changes (and more changes) to reincarnation, xp, dev life, content, gnomes, epic threnal and more! Then stick around for the second hour and the usual (slightly larger amount of) news!

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Ask the Devs (Dev Life) – 2:03
Ask the Devs (Reincarnation) – 22:34
Ask the Devs (XP) – 39:25
Ask the Devs (Content & Changes) – 46:49
WWBD – 1:16:37
News – 1:20:44
Lightning Post – 1:58:12
Closing – 2:00:33

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