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DDOcast 293

This week on DDOcast Sig, Anne and Geoff ( talk about the latest lamannia build (well, as much as we can since its in closed beta), the reports about Shadowfell Xpack from other gaming news sites, we also touch on some news and ddocast news.

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DDOcast 291

This week on DDOcast Sig, Anne, and Geoff ( go over quite a bit of fun news on the latest update from Lamannia, including the latest Enhancment Revamp pass, stealth system changes, secret door changes, quest repetition changes and more! We also announce our winner of our Shadowfell X-Pack key, share a fun treat created by Geoff and get more tips on running Caught in the Web from Shamgar’s Epic Education.

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Join DDOcast @ GenCon 2013!

  • Game ID: ENT1346414
  • Title: DDOCast Live Show (A Dungeons & Dragons online Podcast)
  • Description: Join Anne, Sigfried, Geoff and friends as we celebrate our passion for DDO, Gaming, and the good things in life. Join in the podcast or just kick back and hang with friends.
  • Start Date & Time: Friday at 4:00 PM
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • End Date & Time: Friday at 6:00 PM
  • Location: Embassy Suites-Coronation 1
  • LINK:



DDOcast 287

Hey!! Where is DDOcast 286? Its an audio only cast! featuring an Interview with Shamgar and the first collection of Epic Educations numbers 1 thru 5! Go here to download:

In DDOcast 287, Sig, Anne and Geoff ( go over the past week’s worth of DDO news, then we dive deep into the mail bag and answer questions, respond to comments and kibitz over criticisms from DDO players! We also talk about the latest DDO player news from the forums and blogs. Also Shamgar starts in on on Epic Caught in the Web raid with Epic Education #30!

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DDOcast 285

Join Sig, Anne, Geoff (, TC (aka Ecgric from Premium perspective) and Jerry (Cordovan from Turbine) as we talk about the Update 18, some of the latest bugs, and the Shadowfell Conspiracy Pre-Order X-Pack. We also go over the release notes, and then break down the cost per value of the pre-order value options. We also have a bit of community news. DDOgamer news, and mail from the lightning post.

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy to Launch August 19th

Here’s a press release for the latest x-pack of DDO! Enjoy! -Anne

Shadowfell Conspiracy Pre-Order


Players Can Pre-Purchase Latest Expansion To The Award-Winning MMORPG
Starting Today

NEEDHAM, MA – May 22, 2013 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast announced today Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Shadowfell Conspiracy™, the second expansion to the award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Turbine, will launch on August 19th, 2013. Shadowfell Conspiracy takes place in the beloved Forgotten Realms® setting, features an increased level cap and introduces new Iconic Heroes and much more.

“We’re excited to share our launch date with the world and introduce the new Iconic Classes system that will be available immediately to anyone that pre-purchases Shadowfell Conspiracy,” said Erik Boyer, Senior Producer of DDO.  “We’re also making new Forgotten Realms content that will enable players to create a level 15 character in the Forgotten Realms and play all the way to level cap.”

“Turbine continues to release great content for DDO, and we are thrilled that Dungeons & Dragons fans have another great expansion coming this August,” added Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for D&D at Wizards of the Coast.


  • Two New Forgotten Realms Adventure Packs — Featuring gorgeous new wilderness areas packed with new D&D® monsters, dangerous encounters and a host of challenging dungeons.
    • Wheloon:  Horrors from the Shadowfell pour into Wheloon, a prison city full of irredeemable criminals and traitors to the Crown. In this place, Netherese agents conspire to forge an army out of the Kingdom’s enemies. Masquerade as a traitor to infiltrate the Prison City, fight marauding criminal gangs, and destroy the army before it marches – all the while battling creatures made out of the very shadows.
    • Stormhorns:  Deep in the Stormhorn Mountains, the Netherese Empire prepares to unleash its secret weapon against the Kingdom of Cormyr. Brave treacherous mountain passes through griffon territory and overcome cunning harpy ambushes. At the peaks of the mighty Stormhorns, overcome an alliance of giants and monstrous creatures – only to have to contend with a terrible Netherese secret weapon.
  • Introducing Iconic Heroes — Jump into the action of DDO with these new prestige characters that start in Forgotten Realms at level 15 and feature unique looks and skills. Each of these classic D&D heroes is a paragon of their race and class and features custom iconic gear, appearance options and new abilities to enhance their power.
  • Attain Epic level to 28 — Master your destiny and gain new epic feats and spells with three new Epic levels of advancement that let you reach new levels of power.

Beginning today, players can take advantage of special pre-purchase offers:

Collector’s Edition:  $49.99

Features all Shadowfell Conspiracy content, with all three Iconic Heroes including a pre-purchase exclusive Shadar-kai cosmetic costume, when it launches, plus immediate access to these items, including other pre-purchase exclusives:

  • Bladeforged Paladin Iconic Hero (including additional character slot)- A powerful, offense-focused disciple of the Lord of Blades, Bladeforged Paladins take less damage from slashing weapons and gain a tactical advantage from slashing damage. These devout leaders can repair themselves and fellow constructs.  Their stronger Paladin Aura boosts effectiveness of nearby party members.
  • Bladeforged Warrior Blue & Gold Cosmetic Costume (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • Bladeforged Warrior Gold Cosmetic Costume (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • Calico Tressym Creature Companion- A frisky, winged cat of your very own! Comes pre-trained with four tricks (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • Tawny Owlbear Creature Companion- Cuddly and ferocious! Comes pre-trained with four tricks. (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • Stormhorn Specs Cosmetic Goggles
  • Mountaineers Cosmetic Goggles
  • First expansion quest, ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ (Heroic level 15 only)
  • 3 Character Slots
  • Greater Tome of Epic Learning (1 per server): Permanently increases experience earned by a character in level 20 or above dungeons.  Provides +25% bonus to experience for first-time quest completions and +10% boost to other earned experience points.
  • One +2 Skill Tome per character
  • 2,000 Turbine Points

Standard Edition:  $29.99

Features all Shadowfell Conspiracy content, including the Purple Dragon Knight Iconic Hero, when it launches, plus immediate access  to these items, including other pre-purchase exclusives:

  • Bladeforged Paladin Iconic Hero (including additional character slot)
  • Bladeforged Warrior Gold Cosmetic Costume (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • Stormhorn Specs Cosmetic Goggles
  • Calico Tressym Creature Companion (A pre-purchase exclusive)
  • First expansion quest: ‘Shadow of a Doubt’
  • 1 Character Slot
  • Lesser Tome of Epic Learning (1 per server): Permanently increases experience earned by a character in level 20 or above dungeons.  Provides +15% bonus to experience for first-time quest completions and +5% boost to other earned experience points.
  • One +1 Skill Tome per character
  • 1,000 Turbine Points

For more information, please visit

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DDOcast 283

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( go over the latest in the DDO Forum Updates and some interesting issues with some DDO services. We also go over the latest happenings for DDOcast and DDOgamer. Followed up by some news from the DDO community, reading up on our Lightning Post mail and then some general geeking out on games and Star Trek!

DDOcast LIVE! GenCon Event Details

  • Event Title: DDOCast Live Show
  • Event ID: ENT1346414
  • Date: Friday, August 16th @ 4pm EDT (GMT -4)
  • Location: At the Embassy Suites in Coronation 1
  • Notes: Tickets are $2 (the minimum they offered), should be room for 50 people, event Registration opens on May 19, 2013
  • Registration Link:
  • More info at

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DDOcast 282

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( discuss the lack of news in DDO land, but don’t worry we dive into Lamannia’s latest build for Update 18 and discuss at length about the new Iconic Character Class-Race, the Bladeforged! We also have another episode of Dragon Fragments. And for community DDO news, we have our own DDOcast Question! Answer and you may win a prize 🙂 DDOCast Question: If you could replace your limbs with monsters which ones would you choose? Related Links

Bladeforged Notes

  • Bladeforged are one of the 3 Iconic Heroes to be released with the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack.
  • They appear in the creation forge of Lord of Blades.
  • As all iconic heroes, they start at level 15 (1,050,000XP).
  • Their first level is Paladin. Then, they can either take a predefined path, or customize their paladin levels, or reject training and leave the forge with enough experience to train to level 15.
  • They cannot reincarnate. This is intended.
  • Racial features include:
  • Same as Warforged, except they get -2 dex instead of -2 cha
  • Additional Bladeforged feats:
    •  Increases Aura of Good: +2 AC and +1 saving throws
    • -10% Slashing damage, +1 PRR for 3 sec (up to 20+ PRR)
    • Positive healing reduced -10%
    • Grants Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical and Mass Repair Light, Moderate, Serious Damage as Paladin spells
  • Starter equipment includes:
    • Upon reaching level 15, you receive a container item called “Bladeforged Equipment”. Double click in your inventory to open it and receive the following;
    • Forge Blade – +3 Greatsword: 1.50[w], True Law, Improved Bloodletter
    • Creation Forge Docent – +4 Docent: Greater Thorn Guard, Vitality +20
    • Icon of the Lord of Blades: Trinket: Charisma +5, Repair Amplification – 10%
    • Creation Forge Bassinet – Helm: Moderate Fortification, Reconstruction +72
    • Creation Forge Gorget – Necklace: Deathblock, Wisdom +4
    • Battle-Plated Cloak – Cloak: Protection +4, Greater False Life
    • Creation Forge Girdle – Belt: Strength +5, Dexterity +4
    • Creation Forge Gauntlets – Gloves: Melee Alacrity 10%, Attack Bonus +2
    • Creation Forge Sabatons – Boots: Striding +25%, Dodge Bonus 1%
    • Creation Forge Vambraces – Bracers: Resistance +4, Doublestrike 3%
    • Creation Forge Lenses – Goggles: Spot +13, Repair +13
    • Livewood Band – Ring: Constitution +5, Concentration +13
    • Bladed Steel Ring – Ring: Greater Parrying, Intimidate +13
  • NOTE:  Items are BtC, minimum level 15, and Race Absolutely Required: Bladeforged.

DDocast 282