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DDOCast Twitches Permadeath

I am excited to announce a new addition to the normal DDOCast Podcast routine!  This past week I started playing permadeath and twitching that play live.  I hope to provide not only some semi-almost-quality entertainment, but highlight the permadeath community and playstyle, and have some fun experiencing the rigors of having almost nothing to support a character (no really, i had to start on snowy side korthos and with a 28 point build!).  To add in the entertainment value I am playing with lessah and the Sublime Permadeath Guild on Thelanis.  If you would also like to join in the fun, look into joining that permadeath group!

Still dont find these videos entertaining?  well you can always place bets on where I die and suggest my next build or quest (i reserve the right to choose for myself).

Timing for this may or may not be consistent, but i hope to achieve something resembling regular.

You can watch live at

Also: i need 2 things from the community!
1) i need a clever name for the series.  Currently the working title is Operation Cannon Fodder.  If you suggest a name and I choose it, I’ll return the kindness with a 500 TP code!

2) I like title screens – and pictures of soul stones seem appropriate!  So post pictures with prominately featured soul stones here or send them to me by email ( and if i use your picture, ill send you a 500 TP code (while supplies last – at which time I will give out other prizes).  Please include your name (in game or real) and server so i can give you proper credit!

EDIT: I greatly prefer screenshots without UI clutter but this does not necessarily prevent you from winning.


DDOcast 300 – GenCon 2013

OMG 300 episodes!!! Join Sig, Anne and Geoff for their final DDOcast as hosts! We play a bit of DDO Jeopardy, listen to some our favorite commercials, another episode of Dragon Fragments, we’re also joined in by Producer Glin and Tolero for a bit of Q&A!

Guild Give-Away Contest

One of our listeners and a good friend in Game is giving away his guild. The Darkstars decided they would Merge with The Madborn of Thelanis and offered their guild to give away for out 300th episode. They have a quality Airship stocked with amenities paid up for a month. They are a level 75 guild currently, though they may decay a it by the time we do the hand over.

  • The Darkstars will transfer the guild to one of my characters and I will hand it over to the winner of the contest.
  • Your guild will have a clear roster when you get it.
  • You need to have a character on the Thelanis server to win
  • You are encouraged to change the name of the guild once you have leadership but its not required
  • You must compose a Limric or Hiku honoring the brave Darkstars to win
  • Email your entry to
  • We will select a random winner by August 25th

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DDOcast 283

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( go over the latest in the DDO Forum Updates and some interesting issues with some DDO services. We also go over the latest happenings for DDOcast and DDOgamer. Followed up by some news from the DDO community, reading up on our Lightning Post mail and then some general geeking out on games and Star Trek!

DDOcast LIVE! GenCon Event Details

  • Event Title: DDOCast Live Show
  • Event ID: ENT1346414
  • Date: Friday, August 16th @ 4pm EDT (GMT -4)
  • Location: At the Embassy Suites in Coronation 1
  • Notes: Tickets are $2 (the minimum they offered), should be room for 50 people, event Registration opens on May 19, 2013
  • Registration Link:
  • More info at

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DDOcast Talks 5

Update 15 Druid’s Deep Quest Review + Win a Copy of Menace of the Underdark

Join Sig and Anne with special guests Geoff Hanna as they go over the latest DDO news and their review of Update 15’s quests, The Druid’s Deep series. We also talk about our favorite DDO fan sites and gush about GenCon and PAX!

Win a Code Key for Menace of the Underdark!

That’s right we’ve got another MOTU key to give away! Just listen carefully on how you can win!!

LINK for Turbine soon to release on LOTRO on the Mac

LINK to ViDDO #2: DDO update Video

LINK for Geoff Hanna’s

LINK for Composer of DDO’s Sound Trac, Chance Thomas’

LINK for DDM’s Realm for DDO

LINK for DDOwiki

LINK for Cubicle Ninja’s DDO Item Search & Cannith Crafting Tool

LINK for Ron’s character planner

LINK to PAX Prime 2012


DDOcast 253

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Episode 253 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne talk about the latest in the DDO world! Coldin joins us as a guest host and to talk about the latest info on Epic Destinies! We also have DDO trivia contests you can play! Answer the questions and you may win a PAX East Winter Wolf!

DDOcast Episode 253 (05-05-2012)

0:00:36 Intro
0:01:48 DDO News
0:15:20 Trivia Break
0:16:29 Round Table Talk: Epic Destinies
0:17:03 Sponsor Break
0:47:54 Whatcha been doing in DDO?
0:50:24 Trivia Break
0:51:05 DDO Community News
1:05:43 Trivia Break
1:06:06 Lightning Post
1:13:50 Gear Crunchy
1:19:30 Trivia Break
1:20:20 General Gaming News
1:28:09 Trivia Break
1:28:54 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:30:45


LINK for Closed Beta Invite on Thursday, May 10th

LINK for New 4-part DevTrailer for DDO: Beyond the Web: Forgotten Realms – Part 1

LINK for Update 13 Patch 2 now Live

LINK for Update 13 Patch 2 – Hotfix

LINK for Build Your Guild Event!

LINK for New DDO Store Features

LINK for More Point Bundles

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for Latest Dev Article: Epic Destinies

LINK for Epic Destinies

LINK for Congo Bowl 2 PvP Event!

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Samius’ AC List

LINK for Spencerian’s A Soloing Primer

LINK for PJ Estechie – Building Blocks 13: Weapon Comparisons 12

LINK for Monte Cook Announces his Departure from Wizards of the Coast & D&D Next on his Blog

LINK for WotC blindsided by Monte’s leaving

LINK for Tabletop Forge for Google+ Hangouts!

LINK for Skaggy’s New Podcast: SWTOR From Scratch

LINK for Ike’s Leather Dice Bags on Etsy

LINK for Kobold Quarterly’s Tales of the Midgard Kickstarter

DDOcast 253 - A DDO Podcast


DDO Lamannia Party!

Lamannia Party From Thursday April 12th, through April 28th

MajorMalphunktion Speaks!

Hey folks! For the next three weeks we are going to be running a community party on Lamannia! From Thursday April 12th, through April 28th we will be having events on Lamannia! You personally can win 250 Turbine Points once a day, just for showing up! That’s right! Every day, for just for coming to Lamannia you can win Turbine Points. If you win every day for a week that is 1750 Turbine Points! Not a bad deal eh?

Read more here >>

Here are details on how you can participate:


Euphonia’s Challenge: The Treasure Of Crystal Cove Returns To DDO!

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Celebrate Update 11 With Special Bonus Events!

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DDO Store Sales 9/23-9/29

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September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Discover The New DDO Store

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DDO Store Sales 9/16-9/22

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DDOcast 233

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 233 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne talk U11, Artificer Build Ideas and Contests (with special poetry entry from Skaggy The Poet). We also have an Interview with Marcy Rockwell on her recently Released DDO book, The Shard Axe. Another mind-bending puzzle from Necrobotinist’s DDO Puzzler and Ecgric’s Review of Artificer with Rowenheal!

Also, thank you to the Heros of DDOcast! Who have donated thus far to helping us maintain the DDOcast website and gain other goodies for everyone!

Today’s Music is “Tonight D&D” by Allie Goertz. You can “name your price” and buy a copy of this lovely song from her website at

DDOcast is giving away 1,000 TP! Read more here!


DDOcast Episode 233 (09-10-11)

0:00:53 Intro
0:02:16 DDO News
0:10:02 LICH Line Caller: Rhyz, Says Thanks!
0:12:02 Sponsor Break
0:13:40 Interview with Marcy Rockwell on The Shard Axe
0:35:18 DDO Contest Winners
0:42:35 Skaggy’s Contest Entry Poems
0:46:39 DDO Puzzler with NecroBotinist
0:52:45 Premium Perspective with EcGric
1:05:21 DDOcast Contest Part 2
1:07:15 Mini-Crunchy Bits: Artificer Build Ideas
1:13:19 What’s Up With Us in DDO?
1:15:14 DDO Community News
1:18:54 DDOcast Lightning Post: Email, Messages, etc
1:27:53 General Gaming News
1:31:19 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:33:09


LINK for Official DDO Release Notes for Update 11

LINK for MajMalphuktion Tells All: Dear Devs, Why do you bother?

LINK for What Happened to Suffix/Prefix Overwrite in Cannith Crafting?

LINK for BUG: You can only Enter a MyDDO Lottery via your Character page

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for The Shard Axe @ Amazon

LINK for The Shard Axe for the NOOK

LINK for NecroBotinists/Deadnettle Solution for “DeathBunny UMD Puzzle”

LINK for Cordovan’s Tips on Cannith Crafting

LINK for Tolero’s NPC and quest dialog in DDO

LINK for Crafting with Courtney: Rogue Goggles

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Keith Baker’s Blog

LINK for Watch the Recording of PAX Prime 2011’s LIVE D&D Game

LINK for Zynga Absorbs Team members from Turbine for new Facebook Game

LINK for Get a job @ Turbine!

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast

DDOCast is giving away 1,000 Turbine Points per day for Five Days!

For five days DDOCast is giving away one 1,000 Turbine Point redemption code every day.

To win you must…
1. Go to DDOCast.Com and check the front page for a post giving the daily code.
2. E-Mail that code to before midnight (pacific standard time) the day the code is posted.

Day one is Sunday, September 11th
The last daily code will be posted Thursday, September 15th (The contest is done by 11:59 PM on Thursday, Sept 15th and no more codes will be posted on the website.)

What happens next…
A random winner will be chosen the following day and the point code will be emailed to them at that time using the email address used to submit the entry.

Special Rules
You cannot win more than one Turbine Point code
You can only enter once each day
You must submit the “word of the day” or “code word” before by 11:59 PM PST (GMT -8) of that same day its posted


DDO Staff Picks: September

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The Eberron Chronicle!

A weekly look at community news, events, and more from the world of Eberron!


New in the DDO Store: +5 Lesser & +5 Greater Hearts of Wood!

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DDO Store Summer Specials – Week 5

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DDO Store Summer Specials – Week 4

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DDO Store Summer Specials : Week 3

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