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DDOCaSplat! 2.16 – Is this reaper thing on?

This week we take on Tempest Spine on R1…and regret not doing higher skulls!

Welcome to DDOCaSplat! We are static group on Khyber that tries to challenge ourselves and look dead doing it.

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DDOCaSplat! 74 – Tempest Spine

This week we travel up Tempest Spine in our latest permadeath adventure!

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DDOCast 413 – Legendary Raids

Patrick and Gingerspyce share our tips and tactics for the new Legendary Raids that came out with update 29!

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Legendary Tempest Spine – 2:21
Legendary Hound of Xoriat – 13:19
Legendary Shroud – 40:26
Game & Community News – 1:04:39
Lightning Post – 1:17:18
Closing – 1:24:23

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DDOCaSplat! 38 – Facial Trapfinding

This week DDOCaSplat! finishes the Restless Isles with Slavers of the Shrieking Mines & then takes on their first raid in Tempest Spine!

Along the way Shamgar utilizes his feat “Facial Trapfinding”

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DDOCaSplat! 20 – Iconic VoD Special

DDOCast guests join the DDOCaSplat! crew, the Damsels of DDO, and the Bonnie and Moosey show as we roll up iconic characters and take them into Vision of Destruction.

Then, to make ourselves feel better, we run Tempest Spine!

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