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Donate DDO Poems to Skagtraviganza!

Skaggy’s First Anniversary of composing DDO Poetry is soon upon us! That’s right he’s been creating poems for DDOCast and DDO fans to enjoy for a year now! Let’s celebrate by giving all our favorite DDO poems to Skaggy! Skaggy will then produce a special Skagtraviganza podcast for us to enjoy!

Not convinced yet? How about a poem to set you in the mood:

Cherished D-D-O Players
Do you love your M-M-O-R-P-G?
Are you a forum naysayer?
We are calling you out, hear our plea!

Donate your poems! That is what Skaggy needs
For you must have something to say
D-D-O hopes, dreams or dirty misdeeds
We beseech you to send poems without delay

Reasons why you want to donate your DDO Poems

  • You are a closet poet and now this is your chance to let your inner poetical beast out!
  • You love DDO and Skaggy so much you wish to serenade him with your melodious words.
  • Perhaps you are angry at the devs for gimping your build in the last update. Emotionally move them through the power of poetry!
  • You weep silently because your Druid dreams have been dashed time and time again. This is the time to expose your anguishing and grief-stricken heart in the form of melancholic balladry.

How to Donate Your Poems

You can post them here in our comment’s section or you can email them to either or skaggythepoet (at)

Thanks everyone!