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The New PAX East 2010 Greeting Protocol


I wish they thought of this last year for PAX Prime 2009. Probably would have saved us from a Swine Flu break out.


Top 9 Things You Should Do @ PAX East 2010

PAX East 2010

#1 – Witness the Omegathon
Just like March madness but with video games and the occasional meat-space game. Winners get a cash prize of $2.5K and a trip to Gamescon.

#2 – Attend the Keynote with Will Wheaton
He’s the official Elected president of PAX Prime! All heed his words!

#3 – Rock out at the Geek Concerts
WTF! Who doesn’t love Jonathan Coulton!? Add on Paul & Storm, MC Frontalot, Protomen, and The Video Game Orchestra and that’s just like finding a amp with a nob that goes to 11 instead of 10!