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Cannith Crafting: A Live BETA

Disclaimer: I’m going to brag a bit. You know, just to get it out of my system. And then I promise to move on to what I’m really trying to say. So if you don’t like bragging farts, stop reading here and feel free to skip down to the next section if it pleases you. 🙂 So I’ve been playing MMOs for about 12 years now. I do not have enough fingers on my hands to count the number of closed betas I’ve been in. I consider myself lucky to be invited to test so many MMOs. Today, I don’t do much beta testing. I sometimes miss it, at other times I’m glad I have the free time to do other things.

Cannith Crafting: A Live BETA

So when Cannith Crafting was put on the live servers in a BETA format, it was the first time I’ve heard of a MMO subsystem being tested in such a fashion. It’s highly unorthodox to release sub-systems into the live arena, but in the case of the Cannith crafting system I can understand why, what they had to gain (and potentially lose) from doing it. There are also some interesting unexpected results from using this method of “live” beta testing.

The Reason: Not Enough Testers

In huge games like WoW (nearly 12 million Players) or even Aion (3 million players), the response to a beta-testing call-to-arms is astounding. Typically a percent of the player base are also closed beta testers and able to see content months in advance (but only after rigorous NDA agreements are signed). If we assume that only one half of a percent (0.5%) MMORPG’s population are close beta testers that would be nearly 60,000 beta players for a game like WoW. (1)