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DDOCast 587 – Update 45 Preview 1

Nimvind & Strimtom join Patrick for a deep dive into all things Update 45 Preview 1.

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Community News – 3:16
Lightning Post – 21:40
Update 45 Preview 1 (Game News) – 24:52

Watch shows live at

Update 45 Preview 1 Release Notes
Alchemist Base Class Preview 1
Alchemist Vile Chemist Preview 1
Alchemist Apothecary Preview 1
Alchemist Bombardier Preview 1
Balance Changes Main Thread Preview 1
KOTC Changes Preview 1
Ranged Combat Changes Preview 1
Two Handed Fighting Changes Preview 1
Update 45 Named Loot Preview 1
Epic Catacombs & Deleras Revamp Preview 1


Wheloooooon! Shadowfell Beta Access!

LamanniaDid you cringe when we lampooned beta access in DDOcast 287? Did you find yourself saying, “Well Actually…”? Looks like our little inside joke got some responses and questions. Well folks, here’s your answer!

How does that work? Its programming MAGIC! Just kidding! Well actually, and according to our friend from Premium Perspective, Ecgric, whenever free or premium players get onto the Lamannia server, they only have access to the content that they have purchased. Anyone that has not purchased the expansion by the time turbine starts the beta preview, you may not be able to access the content that comes with the expansion pack even though they will have access to the Lamannia server. So just download the Lamannia client here and get ready for the Shadowfell expansion beta! Here’s all the info you need on how to access Lamannia:

So get ready to enter the treacherous new town of Wheloon, which is overrun by the Shadowfell! Any adventurers that have pre-purchased Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy prior to June 5th will be granted guaranteed beta access to the expansion content, as well as immediate access to the Shadow Of A Doubt quest, set in the brand new area of Wheloon.

Wheloon Background

When the king of Cormyr discovered that Wheloon was full of traitorous Shar worshippers, he walled off the prosperous trading town and made it into a massive prison, a chaotic hellhole where life is cheap and imprisoned criminals battle over control of the ruined streets. And now something even worse has come to the prison – the Shadowfell, a plane of darkness and despair filled with fell creatures commanded by a mighty empire.

Players will adventure through the twisting streets of Wheloon and climb up to its rooftops to explore the town from a completely different perspective. They’ll investigate hidden corners and dangerous interiors, and discover new creatures and treasure through Wheloon’s Random Encounter system. And through a serious of quests they will begin to unravel the secrets of the Shadowfell Conspiracy.

For more information on Shadowfell Conspiracy, the next expansion to Dungeons & Dragons Online, please visit

[pe2-gallery album=”” ]

Tolero Explains Wheloon in the Latest DDO Community Video!


DDOcast 282

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( discuss the lack of news in DDO land, but don’t worry we dive into Lamannia’s latest build for Update 18 and discuss at length about the new Iconic Character Class-Race, the Bladeforged! We also have another episode of Dragon Fragments. And for community DDO news, we have our own DDOcast Question! Answer and you may win a prize 🙂 DDOCast Question: If you could replace your limbs with monsters which ones would you choose? Related Links

Bladeforged Notes

  • Bladeforged are one of the 3 Iconic Heroes to be released with the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack.
  • They appear in the creation forge of Lord of Blades.
  • As all iconic heroes, they start at level 15 (1,050,000XP).
  • Their first level is Paladin. Then, they can either take a predefined path, or customize their paladin levels, or reject training and leave the forge with enough experience to train to level 15.
  • They cannot reincarnate. This is intended.
  • Racial features include:
  • Same as Warforged, except they get -2 dex instead of -2 cha
  • Additional Bladeforged feats:
    •  Increases Aura of Good: +2 AC and +1 saving throws
    • -10% Slashing damage, +1 PRR for 3 sec (up to 20+ PRR)
    • Positive healing reduced -10%
    • Grants Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical and Mass Repair Light, Moderate, Serious Damage as Paladin spells
  • Starter equipment includes:
    • Upon reaching level 15, you receive a container item called “Bladeforged Equipment”. Double click in your inventory to open it and receive the following;
    • Forge Blade – +3 Greatsword: 1.50[w], True Law, Improved Bloodletter
    • Creation Forge Docent – +4 Docent: Greater Thorn Guard, Vitality +20
    • Icon of the Lord of Blades: Trinket: Charisma +5, Repair Amplification – 10%
    • Creation Forge Bassinet – Helm: Moderate Fortification, Reconstruction +72
    • Creation Forge Gorget – Necklace: Deathblock, Wisdom +4
    • Battle-Plated Cloak – Cloak: Protection +4, Greater False Life
    • Creation Forge Girdle – Belt: Strength +5, Dexterity +4
    • Creation Forge Gauntlets – Gloves: Melee Alacrity 10%, Attack Bonus +2
    • Creation Forge Sabatons – Boots: Striding +25%, Dodge Bonus 1%
    • Creation Forge Vambraces – Bracers: Resistance +4, Doublestrike 3%
    • Creation Forge Lenses – Goggles: Spot +13, Repair +13
    • Livewood Band – Ring: Constitution +5, Concentration +13
    • Bladed Steel Ring – Ring: Greater Parrying, Intimidate +13
  • NOTE:  Items are BtC, minimum level 15, and Race Absolutely Required: Bladeforged.

DDocast 282


DDOcast 281

Join Sig, Anne, Geoff ( and special guest David Beedy (aka Reebus the Rogue, Master of the Dulcet Tones, and DDO Top Ten) as we discuss DDO Gaming news, Enhancement comparisons, Community News, Raiding Basics, GenCon Events, news, latest DDO Top 10 List and other gaming goodness.

DDOcast LIVE! GenCon Event Details

  • Event Title: DDOCast Live Show
  • Event ID: ENT1346414
  • Date: Friday, August 16th @ 4pm EDT (GMT -4)
  • Location: At the Embassy Suites in Coronation 1
  • Notes: Tickets are $2 (the minimum they offered), should be room for 50 people, event Registration opens on May 19, 2013
  • More info at

Ryz’s Visual DDO Augment Guide

Augment Guide

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DDOcast 281


DDOcast 279

This week Sig, Anne, and Geoff ( go over the latest DDO news for the game, community, and for the Lamannia test server news. We also announce our winners for our Turbine Point contest!

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DDOcast 279


DDOcast 262

Sig and Anne are back from vacation! Anguilla was great, Sun, Surf, And real underwater combat! Sig took a few points of light damage but mostly survived his encounter with the great burning sky orb. Happy to be home in the dark and wet kingdom of Seattle.

Sig & Anne with Geoff ( we’ve got our usually bout of DDO news, chat about Update 16, and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

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DDOcast 246

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 246 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

We’re back and on the mend from illness and injury! And we also sound like we’re in a cave! (we moved our recording to a different room, and are in the middle of working on sound quality, so thanks for bearing with us.)

This week Sig and Anne talk about the latest DDO news as well as chat about the latest release notes on Update 13 form Lamannia. We also have a special interview on Marcy Rockwell’s latest DDO novel, Skein of Shadows, the prequel for Update 13 and Menace of the Underdark. We then answer a few emails from our listeners!

This Episode’s music is QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN FROG by Professor Elemental from his 2010 album THE INDIFFERENCE ENGINE. Professor Elemental is a steampunk and chap hop musical artist. You can buy his albums at


DDOcast Episode 246 (02-11-12)

0:00:35 Intro
0:01:33 DDO News
0:08:34 Sponsor Break
0:09:26 U13 on Lamannia
0:35:52 Interview with Marcy Rockwell on Skein of Shadows
0:43:36 Whatcha been Doing?
0:47:07 DDO Community News
0:50:03 Lighting Post
1:00:52 General Gaming News
1:05:49 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:07:53


LINK for Update 13 now on Lamannia (for about two weeks now)

LINK for The Art of Lolth: Interview with Fred Fries

LINK for BUG: Cannot Repeat VON 5 + Work-Around Solution

LINK for BUG: Abbot 20th Raid End Reward Not Giving a Full Named Reward list

LINK for Omnispell Dust & Omnispell Stones

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for Update 13 Release notes on Lamannia

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Congratulations to Star on Argonessen for gaining Uber Completionist!

LINK for Wizards of the Coast is reprinting AD&D 1st edition

LINK for Monte Cook Looks for the Supernatural in Geek Seekers

LINK for EuroGamer.Net: “Turbine: Subscription Model is Still Kicking”

LINK Marcy Rockwell’s Website

LINK Marcy Rockwell’s Books on

DDOcast 246 - A DDO Podcast


DDO News for Week of 10/23 to 10/29

No DDOcast this week!

Lantern Joe Episode 240 will be aired live on November 5th @ 3PM EST (Noon PST / GMT -4). Sig and I are off to enjoy our Anniversary! But don’t worry next week we’ll bring you more news on Update 12 on Lamannia.

This Week in DDO News

Update 12: Vaults of the ARtificers Officially Announced

DDO Update 12 Vaults of the ArtificersInfo on Update 12 was released today and officially titled Vaults of the Artificers! Update 12 will be coming soon to DDO live servers, but you can now preview it on the Lamannia servers.
Update 12 Summary here >>
Offical DDO U12 Annoucement >>

Update 12 Events on Lamannia: Oct 29th @ 12PM EST

We’re looking for players brave enough to face Challenges on Lamannia tomorrow, Saturday Oct 29th! Those who play the Challenges can receive treats for Lamannia and for their live characters too! Join myself and 404Error (And maybe other Devs) from 12:00 PM Eastern to- 4:00 PM Eastern as they hand out treats for good little adventurers!
Read more details at the DDO Lamannia Forums >>
Offical DDO U12 Announcement >>

Turbine’s 2011 Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Air Ship Pumpkin CarvingIt’s that time of year again: the weather turns colder, the leaves turn colorful, and spooky fun turns up everywhere. It also means it’s the perfect time for a pumpkin carving contest! Turbine is looking for the best pumpkins in the following categories:

  • Asheron’s Call
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • The Lord of the Rings Online

What you win for best DDO Pumpkin:

  • 3000 Turbine Points for the DDO Store
  • Custom Forum Title: “Dragonmark of Spooky (2010)

View Contest Details here >>
View Last Year’s Pumpkins here >>

DDO Dev Team describe Update 12’s Challenge quests!

U12 Tribute to Doctor Who - Time ChallengeDDO Design Director Ian “MadFloyd” Currie, Web Content Developer Kyle “FordyTwo” Horner, Associate Content Designer “FlimsyFirewood”, Content Designer Phil “The Rocking Dead” Speer, Senior Community Specialist Amanda “Tolero” Grow and (the heroically-named) Content Designer Steve “Steelstar” Rogers chat about time travelers, new Challenges, ogre bathroom breaks and much more in the latest Developer Q&A!
Read the Full Interview here >> 

Mabar Festival Now thru Nov 2nd!

You’ll know the festival is active when the sky above House Jorasco’s Airship Tower turns blood-red, and the undead take advantage of the endless night to roam freely through Delera’s Graveyard. The festival takes place primarily in the graveyard, so get your undead-slaying gear and make your way there! Everyone, including free players, can visit the public Graveyard even if they don’t own the Delera’s adventure pack!
Read More on the Mabar Festival here >>

Mabar Lag!

GOT LAGUsers reporting lag in the Mabar festival area and in the Spectral Dragon zone. MajMalphunktion responds: “My team does not create lag, and all I can do is report it.We are just one spoke in the wheel. The issue is more complex than ‘the dragon is out!!!’. We are working on it.”
Read & Comment on the Forums here >>

All U12 Challenge Quests now Open on Lamannia, including Epics!Lamannia

  • Lavacaves: Colossal Crystals – Huuuuuge Crystals have been discovered deep within the volcanic caverns. Kobolds love shiny crystals and the Union has decided that they MUST have one of them! Go Go Go!
  • Lavacaves: Time is Money – The Time Foreman is short on Crystals but has plenty of time to trade!How long can you last?
  • Lavacaves: Circles of Power – The Kobold Mining Union has found a large amount of crystals deep inside a volcanic cavern! Filled with dangerous enemies, the Union needs your help. Additionally, Mysterious circles of unknown energies can be found throughout the caves… Maybe it is possible to harness their power!
  • Extraplanar Mining: The Dragon’s Horde – The Kobold Mining Union is in need of your help once again! This time, they’ve chosen a new location to gather Crystals from…an Extraplanar Palace that the dragon Auraxyllon has created to store his wealth.
  • Extraplanar Mining: Labor Shortage – Back inside Auraxyllon’s Palace, a new Foreman has taken over the Union. Time is short and Crystals are still needed to meet the quota! Every second counts!
  • Extraplanar Mining: Buying Time – A grizzled old Commander Foreman is working with his crew on the Extraplanar Palace. Unfortunately, He is down to his last few workers and needs your help to fill his quota.

Read more about the Epic versions here >>

U12 Shroud Update on Lamannia Make us Cry with Joy!The Shroud Arraetrikos

  • When completing the Shroud, instead of a generic list of level-appropriate random gear, you will now get a selection of Shroud ingredients, which can include anything from small/medium/large ingredients to power cells, Shards of Power, and more!
  • Extra chests will appear at the end of phase 5 on higher difficulty settings
  • One additional chest will appear on hard difficulty
  • Two additional chests will appear on elite
  • Arraetrikos went on a diet, and now has fewer hitpoints on hard and elite.

Read more about the Shroud updates and comment at the Lamannia Forums >>

Update 12 on Lamannia Highlights: Update to +3 Tome Drops

U12 and +3 TomesUnbound +1 and +2 tomes now drop at slightly lower levels. Unbound +3 tomes can now drop in regular (high level) treasure. (That release note means “You can get them in lower level dungeons than before”. We basically shifted everything down a bit.)
Read up on the status of +3 Tomes in game >>

DDO Store Sale Items now thru Nov 3rd

20% off Favored Soul, Anti-Mummy Elixirs, Mummy Rot Cures, and Lesser Anti Beholder Crystals and fast travel items. Also get a free sample of Draught of Midnight with cupon code T5VB8D
More on DDO Store Sales >>

DDO Community News

The Eberron Chronicle – Another week of community highlights for DDO

Crafting with Courtney – Howling Wearwolf – +1 Screaming Module of Bleeding

Ten Ton Hammer’s Update 12 –  Vaults of the Artificers Hands-On Preview with Paiz & Glin

Massively’s Hands-on with Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 12: Vaults of the Artificers – Rubi Bayer goes over the highlights of Update 12

And of course…Happy Halloween!


Update 12, Open for Business on Lamannia!


Lamannia is back online with the first portion of our U12 preview! Come take a look at a few of our new Challenges. Release notes and Known Issues will be posted shortly. (As soon as Tolero finishes sorting them out!)

KookieKobold, DDO Lamannia Coordinator

Lammania: Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 11 – Secrets of the Artificer

Here’s a Sample of the Release Notes for Update 11 on Lamannia:

The biggest update of the year brings a new era of magic! Home of the Artificers, House Cannith is a new high level quest hub where magic and mechanics converge. House Cannith includes a new public area, a new Cannith Crafting Hall, a premium adventure pack (free to VIPs) featuring a new wilderness area, 3 new dungeons, and 2 new high level raids (raids currently not available for preview on Lammania.) Born in war, forged in fury, Stormreach faces its most terrible foe yet!

  • Adventure Area: The Cannith Manufactury – In the center of the House Cannith enclave lies the soaring Manufactury – a vast complex that demonstrates the technical mastery of House Cannith. Battle two invading forces as you explore the Manufactury’s offices, workshops, and research facilities.
  • Quest: Schemes of the Enemy – Negotiate with different rebel factions, infiltrate the depths of the Cannith Manufactury, and deal with its devious devices. Plus, field-test one of House Cannith’s new weapons prototypes – as the target.
  • Quest: Blown to Bits – How do you stop powerful invading forces from turning House Cannith’s warehouse full of constructs into his own personal army? Explosives. Lots and lots of explosives.
  • Quest: Power Play – A powerful enemy has disabled the Cannith Crystals that House Cannith’s artificers draw upon. Can you restore arcane power to the Manufactury and defeat the deadly enemy lieutenants?

New Class: Artificers (Coming soon to Lammania! You can preview them, but you can’t make them just yet!)

Read the Full Update 11 Notes for Lamannia Here >>

Download the Dungeons and Dragons Online Lamannia Client Here >> 

Transfer Your Live Characters from Live to Lamannia Here >>

Report your Lamannia Bugs Here >>


DDOcast 224

Episode 224 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne DDO news, Update 10 Patch 1 notes, Reign of Madness Items and Alter of Madness, DDO Community news, and more! OCD Gamer goes over the Shroud Puzzle and Skaggy sings a drinking song in DDO Poetry Corner!

Today’s Music is from a Dungeons & Dragons skit by Tripod from their comedy musical Tripod versus the Dragon; which you can buy as a CD or DVD at Tripod is an Australian musical comedy act, specialising in improv, parody and satire. You can find more info on Tripod at

Happy Birthday (July 7th) to Keith Baker! Thanks for creating the Eberrron Campaign Setting and many other games for us to play!!


DDOcast Episode 224 (07-09-2011)

00:46 Intro
02:19 Update 10 Patch 1 Notes On Lamannia
12:58 U10 Patch 1 sent back to the Drawing Board!
16:59 DDO Game News
19:43 Donate Your DDO Poems to Skaggy!
21:07 Sponsor Break
22:27 Round Table Talk: New Update 10 Named Items & Alter of Insanity
33:54 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy the Poet
39:39 OCD Gamer with Rhyz
48:34 DDO Community News + DDO Podcasts Review
56:50 What’s New in DDO with Us
1:00:10 General Gaming News
1:01:09 DDOcast Mail Bag: Illusion Spells & Thanks for the Build!
1:11:48 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:14:25


LINK for Update 10 Patch 1 Notes on Lamannia

LINK for New Known Issues with Update 10 Patch 1 on Lamannia

LINK for Update 10 Patch 1 Train has Stopped! Andwill not be pushed to live…just yet!

LINK for Festivult is Back for the Month of July

LINK for DDOVideoMaker Explains a Bug with the Amrath TOD Set with a YouTube Video

LINK for DDO Store News

LINK for Altar of Insanity

LINK for Update 10 Named Items

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Team Spode is being featured in Beckett Massive Online Gamer!

LINK for SpiritofNight’s Cannith Crafting Website

LINK for MajorMalphunktion is taking over the DDOQABlog

LINK for Crafting with Courtney

LINK for Marcy Rockwell Posts a New Cover for The Shard Axe on her Blog

LINK for Last Year, Producer Glen announced that July was DDO Podcast Month!

LINK for Korths Cast Ep 1

LINK for Kal’s Den, now on Episode 3

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 55, Guild Drama Part 3, Choose Wisely

LINK for DDO Fans go to Google+

LINK for Google+ For DDOCast

LINK for GenCon 2011 Thread is Now Up on the DDO Forums

LINK for 2011 Ennie Award Nominee’s Announced!

LINK forPenny Arcade Expo Prime in Seattle, WA Aug 26-28

LINK for OCD Gamer’s Shround Puzzle Cheet Sheet

LINK for Learn the Math of Shroud’s Lights Out Puzzle

LINK for Light’s Off for iPhone

LINK for Shroud Lights Out for Android

LINK for HTML5 Lights Out Web Game

DDOcast 224

Sig and Anne


Lamannia History: Update 10 Patch 1 Paused



The train has been stopped. The patch will not ship in its current state.

I will update (probably via a separate thread) when I have more news, but I can say this:

We will NOT require raid loot as ingredients.

We will NOT require bound named items as ingredients.

Many ingredients, and the *amount* of some of these ingredients were out of line.

These changed recipes should have been reviewed by various designers, but weren't (a hole in our process that we have identified and corrected to avoid for the future).

Mournlands did not have an opportunity to see or comment on these changes.

Again, I'll post more info when I have it.

Our sincere apologies for causing panic, and many thanks to all players who offered their well-thought out and constructive feedback on this issue and tried the changes on Lamannia.


Madfloyd @ the Lamannia Forums >>

This is a historical moment: Play testers on Lamannia actually stopped a crappy update from being pushed to live!


Update 10 Patch 1 on Lamannia


The Lammania preview server is now offering a sneak peek of Update 10 Patch 1!


Notable Notes from Lammania Update 10 Patch 1

These release notes were posted on Thursday, July 7th, 2011. These notes are subject to change. Most notable improvements and fixes for Update 10 Patch 1 are

  • Items can now be dragged directly from Collectible, Ingredients and other bags into Eldritch, Crafting and other devices. Additionally, Eldritch, Crafting and other devices will pull required ingredients directly from bags when a recipe is selected.
  • Several recipes have been removed from the unbound crafting devices, but remain on the bound devices.
  • Some crafting recipe requirements have been adjusted to be more in line with other recipes at their level.
  • Many higher level crafting recipes have had their ingredients adjusted to make them more challenging to make.
  • Crafted items that should bypass damage reduction (such as Holy) will now do so.
  • Lesser Vampirism and Vampirism effects can no longer be applied to ranged weapons, since these effects do not work on ranged weapons.
  • Ghost Touch crafted handwraps now work.
  • The Aura of Menace projected by a Favored Soul’s Angel of Vengeance is now suppressed when the player is sneaking or invisible.
  • Greensteel items that were missing their Frost properties now have them.
  • The Mantle of the Worldshaper will no longer lose charges when a player hits an enemy with a weapon that has the Vampiric effect on it.
  • Items granted by Swag Bag Vouchers are now bound to character.
  • Crafting ingredients are now generated separately from normal loot, and will no longer take up a normal loot slot in chests.
  • Bless, Scorching Ray, Frost Lance, and Polay Ray can no longer be Enlarged.
  • Polar Ray now has its previously-missing double range benefit.
  • The effect of Symbol of Weakness will no longer be removed from targets when they leave the area of the symbol.
  • Monsters affected by Incendiary Cloud’s blindness effect will now display the blindness symbol over their head.
  • Worldwide XP bonuses (such as the bonuses granted during special weekend events) now apply to landscapes as well as dungeons.

Read the full Lamannia Release Notes for July 7, 2011 here and the Known Issues List here. 404error (DDO Dev) wants your crafting feedback here.

You can download the Lamannia client here.