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Dungeons & Dragons Online Brings you Artificers on Lamannia!


Looks like tomorrow’s Lamannia, open beta server event will bring us Artificers! Turbine’s official Lamannia Coordinator, KookieKobold invites us to play around:

Wednesday’s Event will be held at 7pm to 10pm EST (GMT-4).

This event’s focus will be on the new class, the Artificer! Once Lamannia is live, Artificer will be available from the DDO store in game for a small amount of turbine points (Which can be gotten from Lord Poincealot).

From there, we ask for you to play your way through the levels of Artificer! Experience will be drastically increased starting on Wednesday and ending on Monday of next week. Devs will be on hand searching for those of you who are adventuring through quests. Those Devs will be granting levels to the people they find in quests.

Yark Yark!
See you all there!>

Read the offical event notice on the DDO forums >>

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Lamannia Crafting Event! Wed, July 20th @ 7pm-10pm EST


Wednesday, July 20th 404error (Turbine QA Rep) will be online on Lamannia to give out some platinum for crafting purchases and a small bit of XP. The ‘granting’ sessions will be fairly short and followed by some ‘challenge’ sessions.

When: Wednesday, July 20th, 7pm to 10pm EST (GMT-0400)
Where: House Kundarak Enclave, on the steps near the the Guild Vendors.

For the first hour 404error will be standing on a platform and will teleport people to me who are in the need of platinum or leveling. Players are limited to a single account and a single character when asking for leveling.

After the first hour, the event will move to the dias in House Kundarak for some fun. Bring your best stuff, as 404error will be bringing some of his “friends”, hoping to be able to provide you with a challenge. You will very likely want to be playing a level 15 or higher character when the challenges start.

Read more info on the forums here >>