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DDOCast 443 – DDO Debates: Tieflings, Kobolds & Psionics

DDO Debates returns with Cordovan as our guest moderator as Asheras, BonnieBew & Patrick share their thoughts on Tieflings, Kobolds, & Psionics! We then take a look at game and community news!

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DDO Debates – 1:59
Should PC tieflings have horns and tails? – 3:00
Pitch Kobolds as a player race – 14:25
Do we want/need psionics? – 26:05
What existing brand/franchise could DDO merge with? – 36:15
Speed round! – 38:54
Game News – 49:05
Community News – 1:11:32
Lightning Post – 1:30:49
Closing – 1:33:52

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Monster Minute: Kobolds

Kobold German MythKobolds in Real World Mythology
In real-world mythology, the Kobold or kolbolt is a sprite in German folklore. Belief in kobolds dates to at least the 13th century, when German peasants carved kobold effigies for their homes. They are said to be invisible or take the form of fire or mundane object. In some texts, they take the form of an animal or person. Though their favorite form is humoresque figures the size of children. Their environment often dictates their shape. For example, kobolds that live in mines or caves are ugly and hunched, while the ones who dwell in human homes often look like peasants. There is even a type of kobold that lives in the smoke pipes of steam powered sailing ships; they like to wear sailors clothing.