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DDOcast 294

This week on DDOcast join Sig, Anne, Geoff (, and Patrick as we talk about a bit of DDO news, a little talk, and a wee bit of this and that. Yes its a light news week on the DDO front, but we have a bit on Iconic classes, Pirate Coves, news, more on GenCon and some DDO community news.

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DDOcast 282

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( discuss the lack of news in DDO land, but don’t worry we dive into Lamannia’s latest build for Update 18 and discuss at length about the new Iconic Character Class-Race, the Bladeforged! We also have another episode of Dragon Fragments. And for community DDO news, we have our own DDOcast Question! Answer and you may win a prize 🙂 DDOCast Question: If you could replace your limbs with monsters which ones would you choose? Related Links

Bladeforged Notes

  • Bladeforged are one of the 3 Iconic Heroes to be released with the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack.
  • They appear in the creation forge of Lord of Blades.
  • As all iconic heroes, they start at level 15 (1,050,000XP).
  • Their first level is Paladin. Then, they can either take a predefined path, or customize their paladin levels, or reject training and leave the forge with enough experience to train to level 15.
  • They cannot reincarnate. This is intended.
  • Racial features include:
  • Same as Warforged, except they get -2 dex instead of -2 cha
  • Additional Bladeforged feats:
    •  Increases Aura of Good: +2 AC and +1 saving throws
    • -10% Slashing damage, +1 PRR for 3 sec (up to 20+ PRR)
    • Positive healing reduced -10%
    • Grants Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical and Mass Repair Light, Moderate, Serious Damage as Paladin spells
  • Starter equipment includes:
    • Upon reaching level 15, you receive a container item called “Bladeforged Equipment”. Double click in your inventory to open it and receive the following;
    • Forge Blade – +3 Greatsword: 1.50[w], True Law, Improved Bloodletter
    • Creation Forge Docent – +4 Docent: Greater Thorn Guard, Vitality +20
    • Icon of the Lord of Blades: Trinket: Charisma +5, Repair Amplification – 10%
    • Creation Forge Bassinet – Helm: Moderate Fortification, Reconstruction +72
    • Creation Forge Gorget – Necklace: Deathblock, Wisdom +4
    • Battle-Plated Cloak – Cloak: Protection +4, Greater False Life
    • Creation Forge Girdle – Belt: Strength +5, Dexterity +4
    • Creation Forge Gauntlets – Gloves: Melee Alacrity 10%, Attack Bonus +2
    • Creation Forge Sabatons – Boots: Striding +25%, Dodge Bonus 1%
    • Creation Forge Vambraces – Bracers: Resistance +4, Doublestrike 3%
    • Creation Forge Lenses – Goggles: Spot +13, Repair +13
    • Livewood Band – Ring: Constitution +5, Concentration +13
    • Bladed Steel Ring – Ring: Greater Parrying, Intimidate +13
  • NOTE:  Items are BtC, minimum level 15, and Race Absolutely Required: Bladeforged.

DDocast 282