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Festivult Jester Build!

Now with Simulated Drunken Stupor!

The jester is drunk and he trades cookies for coin, hard to say what class that is so its pretty much up to you.  I went with a Wizard with two levels or Arty up front

My thinking is since the jester wears robes, I want a robe wearing class. I like the idea that as an artificer he makes goodies, and it gives me haggle as a class skill which seems appropriate. Wizard will give him access to the majority of the cookie spells. I went for pale master and be a zombie Festivult Jester which looks just a bit like a drunken stupor that you find the Jester in, but also because I just like pale masters a lot.

Mechanically, artificer-wizard is probably a little weaker than rogue-wizard. You miss out on evasion and a few skill points. What you gain is a nice starter weapon with the repeaters, access to rune arms as spell enhancing weapons, a tiny umd bump, and more spell points. In either case you get UMD and trap skills which are a nice side line for a caster. While evasion is unquestionably superior in end game, the cross bow and rune are are simply a lot of fun and make playing a low level caster a breeze.