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DDOCast 521 – Leveling 30+ pt 2

Strimtom joins us for a first look at the new Favored Soul enhancement tree Beacon of Hope as well as the rest of this week’s news! Then we have part 2 of our Leveling 30+ discussion with Asheras!

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Game News – 2:33
Community News – 37:30
Greetings from Korthos #6 – 46:58
Leveling 30+ pt 2 – 57:46

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Episode 303 – Enhancements

Patrick and Sig have an epic hour plus long conversation on the new enhancement system. There’s also the usual game and community news and some talk about PAX! Okay I lied, this week was not shorter…

Show Times:
News – 1:30
PAX Review – 26:30
Enhancements: Classes – 31:30
Enhancements: Races – 1:30:10
Enhancements: Closing – 1:41:40
WWBD – 1:43:57
Lightning Post – 1:48:06
Closing – 1:49:40

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