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DDOcast 241

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 241 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Jerry Master Herbavore & Father of DDOcast join Sig and Anne to celebrate their one year as Hosts of DDOcast! We also go over DDO game & community news, Update 12 Review Marathon. Also back on the line-up is Skaggy the Poet with DDO Poetry Corner #50 and Strype’ with another Back to the Lab!

FYI: We maybe a little spacre during the Holidays for DDOcast! Keep an eye out on our website and our social networks for the latest updates!

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This Week’s music is MONSTER MANUAL by the MIXLE PIXELS is a “cute” electro indie-pop band based in Brooklyn, New York. MONSTER MANUAL was originally recorded back in 1987, sealed in a vault for 20 years. It was then discovered by animators over at Dan Meth CORP in 2008 as a homage to the D&D Monster Manual andGygax. You can learn more about them at You can buy their albums and singles at


DDOcast Episode 241 (11-19-11)

0:01:23 Intro
0:02:41 DDO News
0:15:19 DDOcast News
0:27:16 Sponsor Break
0:28:48 DDOcast Small Talk
0:29:20 Update 12 Marathon
1:11:29 DDO Poetry Corner
1:14:24 Back to the Lab
1:19:49 What We’re Up to?
1:39:08 DDO Community News
1:48:23 Crunchy Bits: Evation
2:01:42 Lighting Post: DDOcast Mailbag
2:04:17 General Gaming News
2:11:59 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 2:13:30


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LINK for Geoffhanna has put together some cool desktop wallpapers!

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Monster Manual Music Video


DDO Update 12 on Released on November 9th?!

Now I can say you heard it here first...ish! DDO's Update 12 will be officially shipping on November 9th. Stay tuned this week or early next week for ZAM's "much more entertaining than anyone else's*" in-game tour of Update 12!

Pwyff of

Turbine has a habit of telling the press sites when a new update will be released, and this time they told ZAM. Confirmed by Cordovan in a few words on the DDO Forums: “indeed” and “With a caveat of unless something happens between now and then, yup!”


DDO Lamannia U12 Release Notes


Posted today on the DDO Lamannia Forums!

Welcome to the Lamannia Update 12 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011. These notes are subject to changes and additions.

Try Challenges on Lamannia!
Introducing Challenges, available for preview on Lamannia! These repeatable quests feature multiple objectives and mini-games with a broad range of choices!

  • Complete the objectives to collect rewards you can barter with for better loot.
  • Choose your specific level of difficulty – each Challenge supports a broad range of character levels.
  • Try to best your high score each time you play.
  • Multiple variants available with different strategies, time limits, and rewards.

Challenge Scores
Scoring is based on both a point value and a Star ranking.

Point scores determine how many reward items you will receive once the time runs out! Try to beat your personal best high scores, or compare your score with your friends’ scores!

Additionally, each Challenge has five specific star objectives. Each objective you complete rewards a blue star. For every star you earn, you earn favor points for House Cannith. Each Challenge variant has a different set of star objectives, and can offer different types of monsters, mechanics, powerups, goals and time limits.

  • You must complete the first star objective to receive items and XP for the Challenge.
  • If you complete all 5 star objectives in one run of a Challenge at its maximum available CR level, all of your blue stars will turn to gold – you’ll earn bonus favor and bonus experience!
  • Players over level (5 or more) will not be rewarded items or XP, but may still earn favor from star accomplishments.

Accessing Challenges
Visit House Cannith to participate in Challenges! Look for the challenge boards to accept your desired Challenge variant. There are multiple ways to gain entry to a Challenge:

Challenge Packs

  • The Adventure Pack grants full access all the time, any time! Free to VIPs!
  • Guest passes can be purchased to grant your friends access to challenges for a limited amount of time.

Challenge Tokens
Challenge Tokens are used to access individual Challenges one time

  • Free Daily Challenge Token
    • Visit Kariya ir’Vannis in House Cannith, near the Cannith Gorgon statue, to receive access tokens into that day’s free Challenge!
    • The available Challenge will change every day, so check back daily to see which Challenge Kariya has to offer!
    • Premium users will receive bonus Challenge tokens from Kariya!
    • Challenge tokens can be used for entry into a Challenge, or spent on one-use bonus items using the “Cannith Supply Vault” located inside the Challenge at the beginning.
  • Universal Access Token
    • Purchase a universal token for single-use access to one Challenge of your choice.

Available CR Levels
Supported level ranges for each Challenge differ; as you enter a Challenge, you may use the level selection drop down menu to chose the Challenge level you wish to play. The majority of Challenge variants are also available (separately) in Epic CR levels. Note that selecting a Challenge below your character level can result in XP and reward penalties for your party, though it will not impact your ability to earn favor.

Rename Tokens
It is now possible to change your character’s name, surname, and your pet’s name – visit the DDO Store to purchase a Rename Token! Visit the Character -> Name Changes category and select which name you’d like to change. A one-use Parchment will be delivered to your inventory. (Note that names must still comply with the Code of Conduct)

  • To change your first name, activate the Name Change Parchment (First Name) from your inventory and type in your new name. Special characters and spaces are unavailable in first names.
  • To change your surname, activate the Name Change Parchment (Surname) from your inventory and type in your new name. You may use spaces and apostrophes in your surname, but other special characters and numbers are unavailable.
  • To change your pet’s name, activate the Pet Name Certificate from your inventory. Open your pet’s character sheet by right clicking on their health bar. Click the “rename pet” button. Special characters and spaces are unavailable for pet names.

Update 12, Open for Business on Lamannia!


Lamannia is back online with the first portion of our U12 preview! Come take a look at a few of our new Challenges. Release notes and Known Issues will be posted shortly. (As soon as Tolero finishes sorting them out!)

KookieKobold, DDO Lamannia Coordinator