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DDOCast 310 – (Mostly) Just the News

Join Patrick as he brings you the news – just the news mostly. There’s also some mail and an episode of Dragon Fragments!

News – 2:12
Dragon Fragments – 23:40
WWBD – 31:33
Lightning Post – 31:56
Closing – 34:05

DDO Chronicle
whats your favorite 3 barrel cove quest?
Turbine employees are participating in Movember


DDOCast 307 – New Player Tips

Patrick is joined by Geoff and new guest Chris for a host of new player tips and Update 19 Patch 3.

Technical Note: The video version remains unedited however the audio version has been edited to remove most of Geoff’s vocal lag. Show times are for the unedited video version.

Show Times
Introducing Chris – 1:22
News – 2:34
New Player Tips – 20:37
WWBD – 1:02:14
Lightning Post – 1:05:14
Closing – 1:06:52

Join the DDOCast Kobold Union
DDO Chronicle 64
Update 19 Patch 3 Release Notes
Deadlock’s Sagas Simplified
Shamgar’s Skill Blog
DDOGamer – Collectibles – PVP – Stacking – Favor
A Gathering of Links
Thanksgiving Give Away
Monarch’s New Mentoring Program

Closing Note – Change of plans, no cast this coming week.


DDOCast 305 – State of the Game

Host Patrick is joined by Jerry/Cordovan and Steiner-Davion for a discussion on several changes to the game over the years and some thoughts about where DDO is now and where we hope to see it go. We called it “the State of the Game!”

Show Times
News: 2:42
State of the Game: Changes of the Past – 26:30
State of the Game: Present and Future – 1:15:36
WWBD – 1:26:45
Mail – 1:29:43
Close – 1:33:13

DDOCast Calendar
DDO Chronicle 62
DDOGamer Wallpapers
Bogenbroom asks “how many inventory spots to you usually keep open?”


Episode #304 – Character sheets


Patrick flies solo for the first time with news about update 19 patch 2, some listener comments/emails, and a lesson on reading a character sheet!

Show Times
News – 1:15
Character Sheets – 21:05
WWBD – 45:22
Mail – 45:53
Closing – 52:15

Update 19.2 Lammania Release Notes
DDO Chronicle 61
Darkphoenix88s Critical Guide
Valezra’s (Necro’d) Inferno of the Damned Guide
*Ding* Your character has died!
DDO Hunger Games (Khyber)


Episode 302 – Update 19 & Weapon Selection


Patrick is joined by Jerry (Cordovan) and we talk about update 19 patch 1, the playability of update 19, weapon selections, and how to be involved with DDOCast. Theres even a bonus of poetry!

I also learn how much content is too much to talk about in a 1 (ish) hour show…

Show Times:
News – 1:33 (DDOCast News – 35:00)
Round Table: Update 19 – 41:18
What We’ve Been Doin – 54:27
Tips & Tactics: Weapon Selections – 57:55
Lightning Post: Being a DDOCast Contributor – 1:24:26
Closing – 1:37:50

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DDOcast 300 – GenCon 2013

OMG 300 episodes!!! Join Sig, Anne and Geoff for their final DDOcast as hosts! We play a bit of DDO Jeopardy, listen to some our favorite commercials, another episode of Dragon Fragments, we’re also joined in by Producer Glin and Tolero for a bit of Q&A!

Guild Give-Away Contest

One of our listeners and a good friend in Game is giving away his guild. The Darkstars decided they would Merge with The Madborn of Thelanis and offered their guild to give away for out 300th episode. They have a quality Airship stocked with amenities paid up for a month. They are a level 75 guild currently, though they may decay a it by the time we do the hand over.

  • The Darkstars will transfer the guild to one of my characters and I will hand it over to the winner of the contest.
  • Your guild will have a clear roster when you get it.
  • You need to have a character on the Thelanis server to win
  • You are encouraged to change the name of the guild once you have leadership but its not required
  • You must compose a Limric or Hiku honoring the brave Darkstars to win
  • Email your entry to
  • We will select a random winner by August 25th

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DDOcast 299 – The One Before the End!

Its Sig, Anne, and Geoff’s ( Second to Last DDOcast Episode!! Patrick also joins in for the latest discussion of DDO news and updates! We also talk about tips and tricks for going to GenCon. Plus we answer a few emails.

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DDOcast 284 – Update 18: Disciples of Shadow

Join Sig & Anne as they walk-through the latest update for Dungeons and Dragons Online! Many thanks to our favorite Turbine Crew: Producer Athena, Producer Glin and Tolero for introducing to the new update!

New Quests

Disciples of Shar – Deep in the murky foothills of the Storm Horn Mountains, fierce wolves and mountain lions roam with hungry abandon. You must search a network of sullen caves hiding the Shar cultists responsible for terrorizing the people of Eveningstar, but Shar cultists, priestesses, and even an Owl Bear stands between you and the truth of events in Wheloon city. Free to all players!

Escape Plan – A river barge full of prisoners from Eveningstar is being transported to Wheloon Prison, and a high priority target is among them. You have been hired to guard the river barge as it floats downstream, but prepare yourself for any danger as rumors of this high priority prisoner is sure to have reached ears not currently aboard the barge. Free to all players!

Shadow of a Doubt – Players who pre-purchase Shadowfell Conspiracy will gain immediate access to the first expansion quest! Inside the safety of Wheloon Dock, the magistrate interrogates Shar clerics for information regarding their suspected plot. Skilled adventurers might have more luck than the magistrate, but the very shadows conspire against any who might bend the prisoner too far. Will you spare the guilty and innocent alike within Wheloon, or does justice have no place in a city swimming in shadow?

New Icon Character: Bladeforge

Bladeforged – forged anew, a shining beacon of your kind. A powerful, offense focusd Paladin, transformed by the Lord fo Blades inthe fires of the Creation Forge. The Lord of Blades spoke. New life coursed through your wood-and-metal frame. There in the Creation Forge you had become bright, glorious and true.

New Items

Glamered Armor – The cosmetic armor system has been completely revamped to use a cosmetic appearance equipment slot! Slot cosmetic armor enchanted with the Glamer spell to change the appearance of any equipped armor. Cosmetic armor, also known as Glamered Clothing, has one type of visual appearance and can be applied for all classes, races and gender – except Warforged in most cases. Just be careful and watch out for beholders!

Skill tomes – Permanently increase one of your character’s skills with a tome! You select the skill you want to increase once in game by activating the Tome, where at you’ll be presented with a list of possible skills to increase. You cannot select Use Magic Device – UMD tomes are available separately. Bonuses from tomes persist through reincarnation.

Healing Elixirs – Collectors in Stormreach now have powerful new healing potions for sale! These Elixirs of Healing provide a large instant burst of healing, followed by a heal-over-time effect that continues to heal for ten seconds. Elixirs of Healing function equally well on living creatures, constructs, and undead who use them. Yes Warforged and Pale Masters, that means you too.


DDOcast 283

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( go over the latest in the DDO Forum Updates and some interesting issues with some DDO services. We also go over the latest happenings for DDOcast and DDOgamer. Followed up by some news from the DDO community, reading up on our Lightning Post mail and then some general geeking out on games and Star Trek!

DDOcast LIVE! GenCon Event Details

  • Event Title: DDOCast Live Show
  • Event ID: ENT1346414
  • Date: Friday, August 16th @ 4pm EDT (GMT -4)
  • Location: At the Embassy Suites in Coronation 1
  • Notes: Tickets are $2 (the minimum they offered), should be room for 50 people, event Registration opens on May 19, 2013
  • Registration Link:
  • More info at

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DDOcast 282

This week Sig, Anne and Geoff ( discuss the lack of news in DDO land, but don’t worry we dive into Lamannia’s latest build for Update 18 and discuss at length about the new Iconic Character Class-Race, the Bladeforged! We also have another episode of Dragon Fragments. And for community DDO news, we have our own DDOcast Question! Answer and you may win a prize 🙂 DDOCast Question: If you could replace your limbs with monsters which ones would you choose? Related Links

Bladeforged Notes

  • Bladeforged are one of the 3 Iconic Heroes to be released with the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack.
  • They appear in the creation forge of Lord of Blades.
  • As all iconic heroes, they start at level 15 (1,050,000XP).
  • Their first level is Paladin. Then, they can either take a predefined path, or customize their paladin levels, or reject training and leave the forge with enough experience to train to level 15.
  • They cannot reincarnate. This is intended.
  • Racial features include:
  • Same as Warforged, except they get -2 dex instead of -2 cha
  • Additional Bladeforged feats:
    •  Increases Aura of Good: +2 AC and +1 saving throws
    • -10% Slashing damage, +1 PRR for 3 sec (up to 20+ PRR)
    • Positive healing reduced -10%
    • Grants Repair Light, Moderate, Serious, Critical and Mass Repair Light, Moderate, Serious Damage as Paladin spells
  • Starter equipment includes:
    • Upon reaching level 15, you receive a container item called “Bladeforged Equipment”. Double click in your inventory to open it and receive the following;
    • Forge Blade – +3 Greatsword: 1.50[w], True Law, Improved Bloodletter
    • Creation Forge Docent – +4 Docent: Greater Thorn Guard, Vitality +20
    • Icon of the Lord of Blades: Trinket: Charisma +5, Repair Amplification – 10%
    • Creation Forge Bassinet – Helm: Moderate Fortification, Reconstruction +72
    • Creation Forge Gorget – Necklace: Deathblock, Wisdom +4
    • Battle-Plated Cloak – Cloak: Protection +4, Greater False Life
    • Creation Forge Girdle – Belt: Strength +5, Dexterity +4
    • Creation Forge Gauntlets – Gloves: Melee Alacrity 10%, Attack Bonus +2
    • Creation Forge Sabatons – Boots: Striding +25%, Dodge Bonus 1%
    • Creation Forge Vambraces – Bracers: Resistance +4, Doublestrike 3%
    • Creation Forge Lenses – Goggles: Spot +13, Repair +13
    • Livewood Band – Ring: Constitution +5, Concentration +13
    • Bladed Steel Ring – Ring: Greater Parrying, Intimidate +13
  • NOTE:  Items are BtC, minimum level 15, and Race Absolutely Required: Bladeforged.

DDocast 282


DDOcast 279

This week Sig, Anne, and Geoff ( go over the latest DDO news for the game, community, and for the Lamannia test server news. We also announce our winners for our Turbine Point contest!

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DDOcast 279


DDOcast 277

Join Sig, Anne, Geoff (, and Nathanial (aka Deadnettle) as we talk about the latest news in Dungeons and Dragons Online, the new Enhancement “Alpha” System on the Lamannia Test servers, and the new community feed OurDDO! We also have a wacky segment of Dragon Fragments from Luedwig von Bait’hoven.

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DDOcast 277


DDOcast 273

Sig, Anne and Geoff ( talk about the latest DDO news. We also go over Update 17 Patch 1 release notes from Lamannia server. Hot topics include Astral Shard Auction House, the new-new collectible trade-ins and the Daily Dice System now found on Lamannia.

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Contact Us! Questions, comments, rants, raves! We also love DDO segments!


DDOcast 271

Sig, Anne & Geoff ( talk about their latest exploits in DDO’s Update 17 on the live server, the bugs, and of course the new Augment system! Shamgar also graces us with another Epic Education #28, Lord of Blades Part 6: Party at the Forge. We also have a nice array of regular D&D and general gaming news.

After Show Notes: Nightforge Gorget and other non-epic items can’t be upgraded yet. Sorry for the bad info! Anne was confusing Live server with Lamannia Beta server features. Currently if you want a new version, have to go out and get another one. Rumors say that you can do upgrades in the next update!

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Contact Us! Questions, comments, rants, raves! We also love DDO segments!

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-707-DDO-CAST (1-707-336-2278)



DDOcast 266

Sig & Anne with Geoff Hanna (from and Patrick aka “Shamgar” from Epic Education ( go over the latest DDO news, we speculate about Update 17, goodies found in the new Midwinter Festival mini-game. We even have time to dive into the Lightning Post mailbag to help a player on how to splash Arcane Archer in their divine caster builds.

NOTE: sorry about some of the quality, Sig’s connection was really slow and so he sounds like he’s being sucked out of the Matrix in some parts!

Related Notes

Submit a DDO Segment, Fake Commercial, or Funny Skit!

Give us something to say on the air or make a request to join the show as a guest. Or be part of the DDOCast legacy and make us a segment or commercial! Learn how to Send Us a Segment here!

DDOcast 266


DDOcast 254

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 254 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Its a bit late, but here it is!! This week Sig and Anne talk about the latest news in DDO! In light of the game mechanic changes coming to DDO, we have some tips and tricks on preparing. We also have a new segment called Dragon Frags and how to make a healing barbarian!

DDOcast Episode 254 (05-19-2012)

0:00:50 INTRO
0:02:08 DDO News
0:07:15 Sponsor Break
0:08:30 Dragon Frags: Ode to Beefheart
0:14:53 Whatcha Been Doing in DDO?
0:18:41 Round Table Talk: Preparing for Change
0:29:31 DDO Community News
0:36:23 Lightning Post
0:54:46 CLOSING


TOTAL TIME: 0:56:50

LINK for Beyond the Web Videos

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for Cocktail Hour @ GenCOn 2012

LINK for Memorial Day Celebrations in DDO

LINK for Zonix has succeeded in leveling a Guild to 100 completely solo

LINK to Want your myDDO Blog featured?

LINK for Congo Bowl 2 on Hold

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

DDOcast 254 - A DDO Podcast


DDOcast 253

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Episode 253 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne talk about the latest in the DDO world! Coldin joins us as a guest host and to talk about the latest info on Epic Destinies! We also have DDO trivia contests you can play! Answer the questions and you may win a PAX East Winter Wolf!

DDOcast Episode 253 (05-05-2012)

0:00:36 Intro
0:01:48 DDO News
0:15:20 Trivia Break
0:16:29 Round Table Talk: Epic Destinies
0:17:03 Sponsor Break
0:47:54 Whatcha been doing in DDO?
0:50:24 Trivia Break
0:51:05 DDO Community News
1:05:43 Trivia Break
1:06:06 Lightning Post
1:13:50 Gear Crunchy
1:19:30 Trivia Break
1:20:20 General Gaming News
1:28:09 Trivia Break
1:28:54 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:30:45


LINK for Closed Beta Invite on Thursday, May 10th

LINK for New 4-part DevTrailer for DDO: Beyond the Web: Forgotten Realms – Part 1

LINK for Update 13 Patch 2 now Live

LINK for Update 13 Patch 2 – Hotfix

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LINK for DDO Store Sales

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LINK for Epic Destinies

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LINK for Spencerian’s A Soloing Primer

LINK for PJ Estechie – Building Blocks 13: Weapon Comparisons 12

LINK for Monte Cook Announces his Departure from Wizards of the Coast & D&D Next on his Blog

LINK for WotC blindsided by Monte’s leaving

LINK for Tabletop Forge for Google+ Hangouts!

LINK for Skaggy’s New Podcast: SWTOR From Scratch

LINK for Ike’s Leather Dice Bags on Etsy

LINK for Kobold Quarterly’s Tales of the Midgard Kickstarter

DDOcast 253 - A DDO Podcast


PAX East 2012 DDOCast Press Tour with Fernando Paiz

Hi everyone! Here’s the whole interview with DDO Exec Producer Fernando Piaz along with some great video of MOTU! Many thanks to Steiner-D, our PAX East Contact! This interview took place on Saturday, April 7, 2012. The recording is very rough and no edits were made.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


DDOcast 252

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 252 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig & Anne are joined by Deadnettle as guest host! We’ve got lots of DDO news, round-table talks on the Enhancements Revamp, the latest community news, and more gaming related news. We’ve also got the latest Back to the Lab by Strype and an experimental segment called, Gear Crunch!

Today’s music is…D&D by Stephen Lynch off his album The Craig Machine. Available on Amazon and iTunes! Learn more about Stephen Lynch at


DDOcast Episode 252 (04-14-2012)

0:00:42 Intro
0:02:00 DDO News
0:14:10 Enhancement Revamp Chat With Deadnettle
0:43:23 Sponsor Break
0:44:00 DDOcast News
0:47:23 Whatcha been doing in game?
0:51:34 Back to The Lab
1:00:18 Community News
1:04:12 Lightning Post
1:08:28 Gear Crunch: Gearing Up a Level 20 Pale Master
1:14:20 Latest DDOcast news: Enhancement Revamp Update from MadFloyed
1:15:13 Gaming General News
1:16:42 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:18:59

LINK for DDO Dev Trailer: Beyond the Web

LINK for Lolth 2012 – Weaving Our Future – Your First Choice. If You Had One

LINK for New: Adventure Packs Description Page

LINK for Let’s talk about Auto Grouping

LINK for Its a Lamannia Party!

LINK for BUG: Mouse Problems after Update 13? There’s a work around

LINK for New Quarterly Desktop WallPapers are Available

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LINK for DDOwiki’s Page on the Proposed Enhancements Change

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LINK for DDOcast Shirts & Shinies, now for UK, FR, DE, and JP!

LINK for Stiener-D’s Interviews with Fernando are Available! In 2 Parts!

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LINK for “The Foam Box” – Portable acoustic voice booth

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Legacy of Wolves on Kindle

LINK for Howling Tower: Steve Winter, Long time D&D Grognard, gives tips for DMs

DDOcast 252 - A DDO Podcast


DDOcast 251

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Episode  251 is ready! Here’s a LINK  to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Hi Everyone! Join Sig & Anne as they discuss the latest news on MotU, U13 Patch 1, the latest Hotfix, some news from PAX East 2012, and announce the winner of our MOTU Giveaway!  We also have a Top Ten from Rheebus the Rogue.  No interviews with Turbine yet, but stay tuned!  We’ll update this feed with additional notes later!

DDOcast 251 - A DDO Podcast