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DDOCast 396 – The Forums

Sublime Permadeath’s Chai & Damsel of DDO’s Sahba Jade joins Shamgar for some discussion and tips for utilizing the forums to enhance your game play! We also cover some DDO news and some interesting general gaming news!

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The Forums – 2:10
News – 57:09
Lightning Post – 1:26:41
Closing – 1:29:21

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FordyTwo Looking for Feedback on Favored Soul 101

FordyTwo, Turbine Community Rep, needs your help in writing about Favored Souls for another 101 Compendium article:

Howdy! Our next 101 class guide is for the favored soul, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Notes of Interest:

  • If you have a one or two sentence tip for newbie favored souls, do share! We’ll have an “Every favored soul should know …” section at the beginning of the guide providing some of these helpful tips.
  • This Favored Soul 101 feedback includes: a basic overview of styles of play for favored souls, an general overview of ability scores and basics on skills and spells.
  • Why go elf and TWF scimitars with our template? Our previous templates have all been human, so we wanted to add a little flavor this time around. Additionally, new players using this guide are already investing in the favored soul class, which likely means they’ve paid for it. We didn’t want to pile paying for warforged on top of that.

Give your best tips on tricks for beginning Favored Souls on the DDO Forums >>


FordyTwo Wants Feedback on Cleric 101

Are you the most awesomest cleric evar and solo heal a elite shroud raid, would you like to pass on your founts wisdom on  healing to the young folk? Go for it!

DDO Compendium