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New Festivult 2011 Desktop Wallpaper!

The folks at deliver us a holiday gift!

Festivult 2011

You can download more sizes for your desktop at the site!


Festivult July 2011 Cake List

Hey DDO Fans,

Here’s a table of this season’s Festivult cake list. I’m doing this because I’ve always wanted a nice summary of the cakes, their name, and what they do (ALL IN ONE PLACE. No clicking through links to read details.) But if you are a “give me MOAR NAO” person, I’ve given you links to the DDO compendium. Keep in mind this list is good for July 2011 and will probably change by the next time Festivult rolls around. Enjoy!

Icon Name Spell
cookie Daanvi, the Perfect Order Jelly Cake Defender of Law
cookie Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake Wondrous Power
cookie Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake Death Ward
cookie Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake Fire Shield (fire version)
cookie Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake Sunburst
cookie Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cake Hound of Chaos
cookie Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly Cake Spike Growth
cookie Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly Cake Phantasmal Killer
cookie Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly Cake Ice Storm
cookie Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly Cake Master’s Touch
cookie Syrania, the Azure Sky Jelly Cake Jump
cookie Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake Prismatic Spray
cookie Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake Otto’s Sphere of Dancing

PS: Festivult July 2011 Cookie List is found here.