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DDOCast 612 – Building a Tank pt 1

This week our guest Benton joins us to talk about building a tank as we continue looking at how to build out a well rounded character stable!

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Game News – 2:13
Community News – 11:56
Lightning Post – 14:47
Building a Tank pt 1 – 19:91

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DDO Chronicle 396


Cleansing Ritual: Clearing Augment Slots & Upgrading a Changed Item

Altar of Epic Rituals

To clear Augment Slots that are filled, you can use the Cleansing Ritual. This process will also upgrade any older version items. If you want to keep the older version of the item, then just skip the Cleansing Ritual.

You’ll need:

  • 50 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
  • The item you want to “cleanse” or “upgrade”
  • An Altar of Epic Rituals, found in The Twelve

WARNING – Read Carefully!

This recipe essentially DESTROYS the item and creates a new blank copy! The new copy will be exactly the same as if you put a new base item, Epic Scroll, Seal and Shard in to do it!! You will loose ALL of the added effects on the item including:

  • Any Eldritch Rituals
  • Any filled augments
  • Any armor kits applied
  • Everything you’ve added….yup EVERYTHING!

Upgrading Exclusive Items

The process of the upgrading an item programmatically both creates and destroys the item at the same time. This poses a problem for Exclusive items: the new copy would destroy itself, because two of the same item can’t exist in your inventory.

Never fear! There is a work around. Turbine created a system where the Ritual doesn’t create a new item, but instead creates an “Essence” of that item, which will automatically go into your ingredients bag or inventory. You’ll then need to take the “Essence” out, and place it back into the Altar to turn that Essence into the new/cleared version of your epic item.

How to Clean your Items of Augments

  1. Place the item you want to cleanse into the Altar of Epic Rituals
  2. Place 50 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments also into the Altar
  3. Click on the “Forge” button to cleanse
  4. If it was an older exclusive item, look for the Essence in your inventory and repeat the process.
  5. The result will be an item new as the day it was first created.

Replacing just a Single Augment Slot

At any point, you can replace the augment you have slotted by placing a new one in the same slot. New augments overwrite old augments. Sorry, you don’t get the old augment back.

Jeweler’s Tool Kits to Get your Augment Jewels Back

Use this item to safely unslot an Augment from an item, returning it to your inventory. This process will consume these tools, but will not affect the item or the recovered Augment. Available in multiple stack sizes from the DDO Store for 150 TP for 1 kit, 595 TP for 5 kits, and 995 TP for 10 kits.