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DDOcast 238

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 238 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne are here to deliver you DDO news while the DDO Forums were down. (DDO Forums are now back up as of 3:30pm PST!) We also talk about the new House Cannith Alchemical Crafting system and Shamgar has another Epic Education on the Demon Queen. We also go over our latest emails and messages from the Lightning Post!

This episode’s music is THE DRUNKEN GNOME ILLUSIONIST and SCREW YOU DM by DAN THE BARD. Dan the Bard writes, performs and records songs about Dungeons and Dragons! Dan is an accomplished musician and storyteller. You can learn more about Dan the Bard and purchase many of his fine albums and songs on his website:


DDOcast Episode 238 (10-15-11)

0:01:02 Intro
0:02:09 DDO News: Oh-nos! Forums Down! U11.1 Now Live!
0:10:37 DDOcast Show News: No Live show on Oct 29th
0:10:51 Sponsor Break
0:12:15 Round Table: House Cannith Alchemical Crafting
0:21:40 Epic Education with Shamgar
0:27:10 What’s Up in DDO?
0:31:36 DDO Community News
0:36:09 Tribute to DDO Cocktail Hour
0:38:54 Lightning Post
0:49:15 General Gaming News
0:50:23 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 00:52:22


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LINK for Neverwinter MMO gets a release date: Feb 12, 2012

LINK for Neverwinter Saga, Book II by R.A. Salvatore takes the 4th spot in Publisher Weekly’s

A Video that should have been for DDO’s new Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers

DDOcast 238 - A DDO Podcast


Lamannia History: Update 10 Patch 1 Paused



The train has been stopped. The patch will not ship in its current state.

I will update (probably via a separate thread) when I have more news, but I can say this:

We will NOT require raid loot as ingredients.

We will NOT require bound named items as ingredients.

Many ingredients, and the *amount* of some of these ingredients were out of line.

These changed recipes should have been reviewed by various designers, but weren't (a hole in our process that we have identified and corrected to avoid for the future).

Mournlands did not have an opportunity to see or comment on these changes.

Again, I'll post more info when I have it.

Our sincere apologies for causing panic, and many thanks to all players who offered their well-thought out and constructive feedback on this issue and tried the changes on Lamannia.


Madfloyd @ the Lamannia Forums >>

This is a historical moment: Play testers on Lamannia actually stopped a crappy update from being pushed to live!


Sad News for Risia Crafters: Craftable Items are not Random Items

Craftable items are not treated as "randomly generated" by the Risia upgrade system, so those items cannot be modified by it.


Question: Will Risia Ice Recipes work on Crafted Weapons?
Short Answer: No. The Risian crafting alter will only accept randomly generated item. Once you disjunction an item, is no longer considered a random item.


Crafting with…Courtney! DDOcast 3

Courtney shows you how to make an easy item to detect secret doors in her latest “Crafting with…Courtney!”


Crafting with…Courtney! DDOcast 2

Courtney makes a simple and useful ring in Episode 2 of “Crafting with…Courtney!”


Crafting with…Courtney! DDOcast 1

Courtney makes her Cannith Crafting recipe debut with a Deathblock Robe of Invulnerability!


Review: Risia Ice Games

A Game within a Game

blueanne.jpgI’m a big fan of games inside of games; especially when the mini-game has a meaningful outcome within the context of the overall game. This is the case of the Risia Ice Games, where you collect and turn in coins for ice paraphernalia, up to 20 recipe cards, and ingredients to craft with.

Once you’ve collected enough recipe cards and ingredients, you can then use the Risian Eldritch Device to craft eternal wands of Ray of Frost, frost-based damage weapon enhancements, and cold spell boost enhancements. There is even a suprise winter recipe which lets you craft a Summon Snowy Elemental gem.