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DDOCast 425 – Building Bards

Chai and Patrick get into depth with building bards and then take a look at proposed Kensai changes, game news and how to get master’s blitz to work!

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Building Bards – 3:10
Game News – 56:24
Community News – 1:19:40
Lightning Post – 1:23:58
Closing – 1:27:14

DDO Chronicle 185
Ladies Night: In the Flesh
Order of Syncletica: Reimagining Monks
Evennote: Getting Twitchy Wit It
Munchkin Summer Games

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Random Ideas: Boosting Bard + Bonus Stacking

My TWF Halfing Warchanter, Anastazie Tezla is now level 10.  I’ve made one major changes since my initial build:

Bard at Level 8, instead of Fighter – Haste was my primary reason; it’s a buff that accelerated our progress for XP.  Also, we decided to qualify for the Dragon Raid and attempt the VoN quests at this level. Haste was pretty much a necessary tool for leveling quickly through 9 and 10.

Other than that, I was pretty much on target for my Warchanter progression.  Now at level 10 I can enhance a partner decently in both offence and defense, as well as myself. Here are the buffs I can give out if you’re interested.