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DDOCast 435 – Spell Selection: Bards & Artificers

Chai and Patrick share their thoughts on selecting spells for Bards & Artificers this week before covering the latest game and community news!

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Spell Selection: Bards – 2:12
Spell Selection: Artificer – 26:03
Game News – 58:15
Community News – 1:04:38
Lightning Post – 1:11:44
Closing – 1:26:22

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Random Ideas: Lessons From The Herald of The Phoenix Champion

My TWF DPS bard, Anastazie Tezla,  just graduated to level 16, and is quickly homing in on level 17, thanks to weekly raiding.  There are a few things I discovered first hand – stuff I already knew in PnP, but the DDO environment seemed to amplify the experience: