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Random Ideas: Raiding + Boosting Bard

I’ve been thinking about raiding more often. Its a thought that I play with a lot: would I like if I went on raids as little as 2 or 3 times a week? There are now 10 raids in the game:

  • Tempest’s Spine (TS)
  • Vault of Night (Dragon, VoN)
  • The Twilight Forge (Titan)
  • Against the Demon Queen (DQ)
  • The Reaver’s Fate (Reaver)
  • Accursed Ascension (Abbot)
  • The Thirteenth Eclipse (Shroud)
  • A Vision of Destruction (VoD)
  • Hound of Xoriat (Hound, HoX)
  • Tower of Despair (ToD)