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Join the Kobold Union

DDOCast is always looking for players interested in taking an extra step to participate in our show.  This show would not be possible without the support of our listeners.  There are lots of different ways that you can get involved.

Feed the Kobolds!

We love giving away prizes to our listeners.  If you have something you’d like to give away to a happy listener send us an email and we will give it away!  You can also contribute cash to the show by clicking the link to the right.  We don’t need a lot of money to keep things running, but it does allow us to build up a little kobold bank with which we can give away prizes like expansion pack codes.  We also recognize that some listeners want to be a part of the show but they are busy and contributing money is a way they like to help.  Don’t worry, none of the contributors get paid – everything goes directly into the show to benefit the listeners.

Talk to the Kobolds!

We talk a lot about DDO (and even about some things outside of DDO).  We are always looking for more things to talk about that listeners want to hear about.  Have a question? an idea? your own comment?  Send us an email or hit up one of our social media pages!  We are on facebook and twitter.

Inform the Kobolds!

There’s a lot of news to keep track of.  We try to keep track of all the news specific to DDO, the happenings in the DDO community, blogs and forums and even the gaming community at large (sort of).  If you see a item of news, a cool event, a nifty blog or a contentious forum thread, send us a link and maybe a few thoughts on it!  Have an event coming up and want some publicity for it?  Let us know about it and we can put it on our calendar!

Join the Kobolds!

We love segments and guests!  We are always looking for listeners to step up and join us on the show as guests or start a segment.  Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to do this every week.  You can participate at your convenience and still be a huge part of the show!  Have questions about starting a segment?  We have a whole guide and you can always ask us questions to help you get started.  And if you’d like to be on the show as a guest, let us know that too.

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