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DDOCast 311 – 2 Handed Barbarians

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Join Patrick and new guest Propane as they battle internet connectivity and discuss building 2 handed barbarians!

Technical Note: Connectivity was something of a struggle resulting in some very latency ridden audio. Its lousy, it stinks, I hate it, but since I’m not doing this for a paycheck, we all get to live with it.

The following times are for the video version and do not account for the extra audio introduction
Introducing Propane – 1:44
News – 4:07
2 Handed Barbarians – 26:28
WWBD – 1:07:45
Lightning Post – 1:09:42
Closing – 1:13:34

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DDOCast 306 – Build a Tank

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Patrick and Ecgric talk about building tanks, run through the release notes for update 19.2 and go through some lightning post!

show times:
News – 1:28
Tank Building – 17:50
WWBD – 54:50
Lightning Post – 56:00
Closing – 1:04:20

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Episode 303 – Enhancements

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Patrick and Sig have an epic hour plus long conversation on the new enhancement system. There’s also the usual game and community news and some talk about PAX! Okay I lied, this week was not shorter…

Show Times:
News – 1:30
PAX Review – 26:30
Enhancements: Classes – 31:30
Enhancements: Races – 1:30:10
Enhancements: Closing – 1:41:40
WWBD – 1:43:57
Lightning Post – 1:48:06
Closing – 1:49:40

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