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DDOCast 327 – Ask the Devs: Quest Creation

Join Patrick and very special guests Cordovan, Glin, and Purplefooz for Ask the Devs as we interview the folks at Turbine about quest creation!

 Check out for mp3 audio, our show calendar, swag, archives, and more! Want to find us in game?  Type “/joinchannel ddocast” and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

Ask the Devs: Quest Creation – 2:42
News – 1:11:13
WWBD – 1:42:50
Lightning Post – 1:45:10
Closing – 1:55:54

DDO Chronicle 83
Community Update Video 3/7/2014
Divine Sphere ED Changes
Let’s Talk: Monster Stats
Orien Trivia Competition
Khyber Trivia Event
DDOGamer Completionist
Smithy Alliance


DDOCast 321 – Ask the Devs: Producer Rowan

Patrick is joined by Cordovan and very special guest Executive Director Rowan for a new Ask the Devs and the latest Update 21 news!

Want to win some points?  We are giving away 2 @ 500 point codes.  Just leave a comment and let us know what you were most excited to hear about from this episode and we will pick 2 winners!

Check out for mp3 audio, our show calendar, swag, archives, and more! Want to find us in game?  Type “/joinchannel ddocast” and chat in game with other ddocast listeners!

Interview with Producer Rowan – 2:17
News – 37:21
WWBD – 1:18:03
Lightning Post – 1:20:30
Closing – 1:24:58

DDO Chronicle 77
Haunted Halls Alpha Preview
Lammania Release Notes
DDOGamer Hit Point Curve
Order of Syncletica Sneaks Through Splinterskull
Evennote’s Tomato Stat Theorem
Cordovan’s Streaming DDO Thread


DDOCast 309 – Ask the Devs!

Join Patrick as he interviews Producer Glin, Tolero, and Cordovan about changes (and more changes) to reincarnation, xp, dev life, content, gnomes, epic threnal and more! Then stick around for the second hour and the usual (slightly larger amount of) news!

While you are here on our website, check out our calendar, swag, archives and more!

Ask the Devs (Dev Life) – 2:03
Ask the Devs (Reincarnation) – 22:34
Ask the Devs (XP) – 39:25
Ask the Devs (Content & Changes) – 46:49
WWBD – 1:16:37
News – 1:20:44
Lightning Post – 1:58:12
Closing – 2:00:33

DDO Chronicle 66
New quarterly wall papers
Turbine pumpkin carving contest
Lammania Update 20 Release Notes
Reincarnation Information
Transitioning from old XP curve to new XP curve
Occupy Stormreach


DDOcast 178

Hi Everyone! Episode 178 of the DDOcast is now ready to go!

Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on, iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and many other podcast aggregators.

This week, Jerry is moving so he has mistakenly handed over his show to a bunch of amateurs and miscreants! Lessah, Clankenbeard, and sometimes Samius Gurobo do their best to muddle through the news and community events and The Brute checks in with “Unlocking The Vault.” The most important thing however, is the next installment of Ask The Dev’s is included in this show! You might hear “Sock-Puppet Jerry” in there somewhere and Psycho Da Angry Drow and The Rant Squad has a terrific song “Don’t Worry Be Tappy.”

On a personal note, doing a live show is very intimidating and there are ten thousand things that can go wrong (and did!). Jerry makes it look so easy! Props to him and please get your computer hooked up soon!

DDOcast Episode 179 with Ask the Devs 12

00:00:10 Jerry Impersonations
00:03:27 Celebrating Jerry’s Birthday! (Happy 69th)
00:04:21 Downtime on Monday
00:06:02 Ask the Devs
00:40:06 The Show must go on (Samius Audio Epic Fail!)
00:40:52 Chatroom Trivia and DDO Points giveaway!
00:43:03 Jaklee’s possible scoop for Update 6
00:43:53 Sock-Puppet Jerry
00:44:14 Update 6 Notes
00:44:46 Become a VIP for only $9.99/ month
00:45:22 Featured Player Danteil
00:45:35 Featured Player Draccus
00:45:47 Featured Guild Legion of Eberron (on day I will say Ghallanda correctly!)
00:45:52 Podcast Month @producerglin
00:46:30 Monday July 26th Hotfix (Release Notes )
00:47:15 Festival Jester and Risia Coins say g-bye
00:48:51 Unlocking the Vault w/ The Brute
00:56:11 Skill Enhancement Changes coming in Update 7
00:57:39 Codemaster’s Security Update
00:58:27 Gamespy’s Article about DDO
00:58:39 Turbine Download Manager gone?
00:59:18 Keeper’s Cryptic post in MyDDO about revising a new public area
00:10:55 Anne Trent’s Monster Minute: Mephits and Imps
01:01:35 DDO Daily’s UI SKin Article and New Forums!
01:02:10 Email: “Pain Tastes Pink”
01:03:26 Clankenbeard chatroom trivia, DDO Points Giveaway!
01:04:51 Thanks to Jerry
01:05:23 Blast from the past, Clip from Episode 101, Micro transaction scoop!
01:07:34 Jerry’s traditional signoff
01:08:15 Psycho Da Angry Drow and The Rant Squad’s new song: Don’t Worry Be Tappy
01:11:38 Outro


Time: 01:12:09

LINK to Update 6 and Underwater Combat!

LINK to the summer gift for VIPS

LINK to Danteil’s “How do you make friend’s in game?”

LINK to featured player Draccus

LINK to featured guild The Legion of Eberron

LINK to DDO Podcast month

LINK to Eladrin’s post about skill enhancement changes coming in Update 7

LINK to Gamespy’s Article DDO “Eberron On Five Points A Day”

LINK to Keeper’s My DDO Blog “Tidying Up”

LINK to Anne Trent’s Monster Minute: Mephits and Imps

LINK to Tiranblade’s UI skin

LINK to DDO Daily’s forums

LINK to DDO Source Podcast, Episode 5, “The European Invasion”

LINK to DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 23, Tirade

DDOcast Episode 178



DDOcast 158 – Ask the Devs #11

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Hi everyone!  Episode 158 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’a a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ todownload as an mp3.

This week’s show features the 11thEdition of Ask the Devs, a listener-submitted Q-and-A session with someof the fine folks who make DDO!  Rowanheal and Samius join me this weekfor an experimental test of a live streamed show as well.  Babale talksarea of effect spells in “Surviving DDO!”  Music provided by a chorusof warforged, courtesy of Envinyatar.


DDOcast Episode 158 (3-5-10)

:30 Intro and music by Envinyatar
3:05 Ask the Devs 11
30:50 ATD post-chat w/group
35:18 Maintenance
35:33 Cedwin’s awesome work!
39:30 DDO Store stuff and Greater Reincarnation
47:00 Scavenger Hunt/Ice Games
49:20 Lawsuit update
52:30 Europe Update!
53:55 Mournlands update
55:11 Team Turbine
56:14 Surviving DDO – Area of Effect
1:03:10 Stacking Planner
1:03:50 Featured Player – Jaggie!
1:04:30 Cocktail Hour
1:05:55 Top five sources of drama while gaming in DDO


Total Time: 1:27:06

LINK referenced in Ask the Devs chat re:support.

LINK to Cedwin’s MyDDOLite.

LINK to Server web site widget.

LINK to Sidebar server widget.

LINK to server RSS feed.

LINK to DDO Forums Search provider.

LINK to DDO Store Release Notes, reference for Greater Reincarnation.

LINK to new DDO Store items.

LINK to the latest filing in the Turbine vs. Atari lawsuit.

LINK to info on Team Turbine’s work to raise money in a walk for a local hunger cause.

LINK to Bruntash’s Stacking Planner.

LINK to the 5th Eberron Community Chronicle.

LINK to the latest Featured Player on – Jaggie!

LINK to Episode 3 of the DDO Cocktail Hour.

LINK to the 15th Yak Cast.