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Send Us Segments!

What is a Segment on DDOcast?

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast!A segment is a short audio topic (about 2 to 10 min long) on a related to the podcast itself. Topics can range from specific to general, but falling within the domain or overall topic of DDO and D&D. Here are few examples of current and past DDO segments:

  • DDO Puzzler: DDO brain teasers
  • Premium Perspective: reviews of purchasable Adventure Packs, classes, and races for the prudent premium player
  • OCD Gamer: The devilish details of DDO
  • Back to the Lab: techie talk about classes in DDO
  • Crunchy Bits: strategy builds and detailed mechanics of DDO
  • Epic Education: the how-tos on running DDO epic quests
  • Sound Concepts: Meta advice to help get you through the tough spots in DDO
  • DDO Poetry Corner: Poems and Prose in the tone of DDO
  • DDO Top 10: “top 10” DDO comedy sketch
  • Eberronian Chef: an Eberron related cooking show
  • Lifting the Vale: tips and tricks with your monk
  • Know your Role: role-playing and social interaction in DDO
  • Rowanheal’s Girl Gamer: a look at DDO from a girl gamer perspective
  • Inside the Monestary: a closer look on DDO monks
  • Clerical Errors: Dwarf + Puns = Comedy!
  • Ask the Devs: Interviews with Turbine Developers on DDO
  • Community Interviews: Interviews with other players in DDO

Need more inspiration?

Here are some ideas for segments on DDOcast!

  • DDO 101 – Tips and tricks for newer players
  • Rage Quit – comedy style stories of funny and horrific experiences in DDO
  • The DDO Consumer – reviews of ddo store items
  • Lore Lounge – Eberron or D&D history


A segment format is how the show is structured

  • Should be about 2 to 10 min long. If longer you may want to split the segment into two parts
  • A segment could be long running (Our longest running segment is Rheebus’ Top 10, since Episode 2). Or you can have a one or two episode segment.
  • Be sure to introduce who you are! Opening and closing  music is optional, but it can give your segment a memorable punch.
  • Include contact information for questions and comments.


There are some basics required to make a recorded segment.


There are many recording software, but we like to use one of two:


How your encode your segment is important. Here are a few tips.

  • MP3: this is the best format. You’ll need to get a MP3 encoder. either LAME (for use in Audacity MP3 Export)  or iTunes, which can take any file format and export it to mp3.  Adobe Audition already comes with an mp3 encoder.
  • When you encode or export to MP3, the standard settings are 96kpbs @ 44.1khz seems to be the standard
  • why 44.1khz? lower you sound like deep one gurgling underwater. higher than that, you sound like a chipmunk on hopped up on smack
  • why 96kbs? The result is comparable to a good FM radio whith the advantage of a smaller file size. good for sending through email or streaming on web.

How to Record your Segment

Read the full details here: How to record a segment (PDF)

Copyright Issues

Be fair, be honest!

Ready to Broadcast!

Once you have your MP3 ready just send the file to us at!  We’ll review it and air it the following show!