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DDO Cast Line!

1-707-DDO-CAST (1-707-336-2278) Kobolds are standing by to take your call!

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Hey DDOcast Fans is 1-707-DDO-CAST (1-707-336-2278) long distance for you? If it is, I know its sometimes a pain in the butt to call our LICH Line. But you know what if you have GTalk you can leave us a message that way too! Of course you’ll need a microphone.  And also don’t forget to add us as a friend! Our GTalk name is

If you use GTalk and call another GTalk user, and we don’t pick up your call, you’ll be sent to voicemail. You can leave a message of up to 10 minutes for us. Your message will be sent to our email account, where we can to download your message as an MP3 file and play it on our Podcast!

You can also choose to send a voicemail without first ringing the recipient:

* Roll over their name in your Google Talk Friends list.
* Click the down arrow in their contact card to open the options menu and select Send voicemail.
* Leave your message after the meep!

So please talk to us! We’d love to hear your comments, concerns, curses and of course kudos!

You can download GTalk here: (the Google Talk Software).

Hooray for FREE things!

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