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About DDOcast – A DDO Podcast!

DDOCast is a weekly DDO podcast to discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO). DDO is an MMORPG created by Turbine / Warner Brother’s Home Entertainment Group, Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro, and Atari. The game is now produced by Standing Stone Games. This podcast is created by DDO fans for other DDO fans. This DDO podcast is not created by members of Standing Stone Games or any of the developers of the game. This is a labor of love created by people who enjoy playing the DDO game.

You can listen to DDOcast Live weekly on Twitch. We usually announce when the show will be starting up on our Twitter, and Facebook page! Can’t listen to the live show? That’s okay,  MP3 will be released via iTunes, Cyberears, and Zune on the following few days. You can also find the show on the official DDO Forums or YouTube!

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Patrick Sherman (aka Shamgar) – Producer & Host (current), Epic Education (2010-2013)

Shamgar Epic EdI spend my days (and some nights) trying to make a living in the world of theatre. “Work hard, play hard for the glory of God” thats me. If im not working, at church, sleeping or eating I’m generally playing. Games, ultimate frisbee, DDO.

Sigfried Trent – Content Writer (2010-2013), Co-Host (2010-2013), Crunchy Bits (2008-2010)

Sigfried TrentSig is the main voice of the DDOcast show, because he loves to talk and do funny voices! He’s also fond of doing Crunchy Bits live, a segment focused on DDO class builds, and the occasional in-game tactics. Sig has been playing D&D since he was 11 years old, since then he’s clocked in an amazing number of hours playing & DMing various editions of D&D. His latest D&D endeavor is writing and designing game supplements for the Pathfinder (D&D rule set & campaign setting) and other games. Sig is trained in Economics, but has spent much of his career as a Software Engineer & Analyst.

Anne Trent – Webmistress (current), Crunchy Bits (2008-2010), Producer (2010-2013), Co-Host (2010-2013)

Anne TrentAnne does the main production of the show which includes producing content, broadcasting, editing, and overall organizing.  She’s also the webmistress of the site. She works hard, but for her its a labor of love. Anne has been playing D&D since she was 14 years old. Anne’s other favorite pastimes are playing board games, anime, reading, programming, and being a geek-lady-wife. She enjoys her day job of being a freelance web developer and desktop publishing  layout artist.

Jerry Snook – Founder (2006-2010)

Jerry SnookJerry founded DDOcast back in June 2006, and has been a dedicated DDO fan ever since. When Jerry was hired by Turbine  in 2010 to work as a Community Service Representative, he of course gleefully took to his dream job.  We’re extremely happy for Jerry and glad to see a fan working for Turbine!  He often appears as in our chat rooms during our live shows. Jerry hosted DDOcast for 192 episodes, that’s a lot of podcasts and it takes TWO of us to do what one highly talented man did. Read what Jerry said on his last DDOcast Show.