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Oracle of War 1.15: Brain Surgery – D&D Night on DDOstream

All that remains of Cyre is the Mournland; a smoking and unpredictable ruins looking for hidden treasures. An Iron Titan is rampaging through Salvation as the party attacks its head and more!

We play Dungeons & Dragons every Sunday night starting at 7:00pm Eastern on using the sponsored virtual tabletop Fantasy Grounds. Find out more at! Visit to PLAY FOR FREE or learn more about Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Oracle of War typically plays on the 2nd Sunday of the month following the official Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Oracle of War series!

Players this week:
Dungeon Master – Patrick
Wallop – Alex
Ista d’Lyrandar – Lynn
Gralak – Grubbby
Miri Sariel Amakiir – Tashr
Lorlevant Galtorin – Fire
Kaela Brightleaf

Oracle of War is live on the 2nd Sunday of most months from 7p-10p eastern time on

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