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DDOCast 615 – Fables of the Feywild Prepurchase

Samius Gurobo joins us for a late night edition of DDOCast as we take a quick look at the release of Update 47 and then dive into the release of pre orders for Fables of the Feywild!

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Game News – 2:14
Community News – 38:30
Lightning Post – 46:33
Fables of the Feywild Prepurchase – 1:01:45

Feywild Preorders
Update 47 Release Notes
SSG Extra Life
Samius Gurobo on Twitch
Gofundme for Shoemaker

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  • I’d been hoping for months that Feywild would be in the 5-6 range. Now, you can run Borderlands, into Lost Gatekeepers, Feywild, Slavers, Whiteplume, Ravenloft, Devil’s Gambit/Disciples of Rage, Sharn, Soulsplitter, Epics. Not only is that all relatively new content compared to what some of us have run hundreds if not thousands of times for 14 years, the loot is way more powerful. And there’s still room for them to fit in Isle of Dread potentially in a 18-20 slot. And all of these with parity in high epics/legendary.



    October 16, 2020

  • […] ddocast is joined by samius gurobo to discuss our launch of update 47 na prepurchase for fables of the feywild! you can watch or listen to their l8st show on…. […]