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DDOCast 600 – Ask the Devs

Arkat and Asheras join us for the news this week and discuss the preview of Update 46 Patch 2. Then we celebrate 600 episodes of DDOCast with Ask the Devs with SSG devs Cocoamajobo, Lynnabel, Torc, Cordovan & Flimsyfirewood!

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Game News – 4:29
Community News – 58:34
Ask the Devs – 1:06:30

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Update 46 patch 2 preview
New Warlock Pacts
Random Loot Revamp

  • Was wondering if you could find out why the ship buffs in the cargo bay don’t work, and if or when they will return. I may be alone as a guild leader in thinking the buffs are more than just an interesting way to get and keep members, but I also use my own plat monthly to keep these buffs going not just for myself but for my crew. Thank you in advance and thank you for the work you do!
    Zanamore, guild leader of The Dragonbourne Conspiracy on Cannith

    Todd M Hughes

    June 1, 2020

  • The old style ship buffs were phased out. When guild buffs got a pass many years ago it was stated at that time that these older style buffs would go away at some point but they left them in for quite some time. Recently, especially with the Hardcore League, the developers concluded that it was just too difficult to design lower level content around their existence. Anything that was challenging for those with the buff was outright deadly for those without.


    June 5, 2020