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DDOCast 524 – Slayer Areas pt 1

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This week we kick off a new discussion topic on Slayer Areas with our guest Evilbeeker!

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  • I gotta disagree with Evilbeeker saying that a Slayer area is a good thing to do if you log on and can’f find a group. I mean, I guess it’s something to do, but to make the most out of a slayer area you need some scaling to boost the mob count, and that means more people. If I’m in a group and it isn’t full I’ll pull out one or more of the Owlbears and just park them at the entrance to try to up the scaling, but more people is really the way to go.

    I commonly see Thunderholm and Epic Orchard slayer LFMs, but I think High Road is also decent since the rares continue to respawn and there’s no repeat penalty for them. So while you’re running around hunting for mobs to kill you’ll see the rares pop up on your map and you can go run them for 900 or 1500 XP each. It’s not huge but as i said they will respawn so it’s a steady thing. It’s also lower level than either E Orchard or T-holm, so you can hit it after an ER to grab some easy XP, and the level range is 20-28 so you only need to exclude people who probably don’t need to be there anyway.


    July 6, 2018