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DDOCast 483 – The DDO Store

This week we take a look at what is available in the DDO Store with our guests Evilbeeker, Arkat & Antha! We also get an early look at the upcoming changes to Favored Souls & Cleric Domains!

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The DDO Store – 1:54
Game News – 1:06:05
Community News – 1:24:32
Lightning Post – 1:17:54
Closing – 1:30:54

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DDO Chronicle 245
Cleric Domains Early Look
Favored Soul Changes Early Look

  • One more thing to note about “free to play” vs. “premium” or “VIP” is that you are limited to 1K Platinum per character level as a FTP player.

    As for the yearly… …$99.00/year still.

    Shared Bank starts at 20 slots and you upgrade by +10 each time.

    I used to make a lot of characters, but eventually realized that it doesn’t make it work for me since I don’t play many of my toons these days. – That means I have 17 of 23 characters.

    I don’t buy other races since I don’t play any other than Human. – That is with the exception of Shaderkai. I’ve tried the Purple Dragon Knight & Bladeforged and don’t really care for them much, but that’s my play style.

    If you’re and Arcane Archer then not having arrows is irrelevant. You can also have someone using a Wand Of Flame Arrow.


    August 19, 2017