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DDOCast 482 – DDO Debates: Endgame

This week we take a look at the state of DDO’s endgame (gameplay at or around level cap) with Asheras & Evilbeeker!

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DDO Debates: Endgame – 2:03
-Is endgame dead? – 4:37
-What do we want to see for a viable endgame? – 21:38
-Is Reaper Mode extending game life? – 42:33
-Can DDO attract new players at this point? – 49:52
-Which class still needs its pass most? – 1:01:20
Game News – 1:08:29
Community News – 1:18:00
Closing – 1:22:58

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  • Guest passes: Great ideas. I was a noob (not saying that I’m no longer a noob) and was grouped up with a couple players. Who then wanted to run Delera’s. I knew enough to say that I didn’t own it. Maybe when I tried to enter, I don’t remember. They bought me a guest pass. And then in the second quest I was always so far behind them that I finally just said something like “Thanks guys, but you clearly don’t need a Cleric, so I’m going to drop.” One of them said “Enjoy Delera’s.” I didn’t find out until much later that the guest pass they bought me actually cost them money, or TP. And by much later I mean that the Delera’s guest pass expired while I was running other quests.

    I think my early experience is a fairly good example of how a new player might not even know what is going on behind the scenes, much less what is going on in general. DDO needs to find a way to clue their potential players in, and in-game sources fall far, far behind third party sources such as the ddowiki.


    August 5, 2017

  • Your comparison about 50 Reaper enhancement points vs. 5 is only a valid one if you’re talking about character at or near cap. There are some fairly significant level gates for even being able to assign your Reaper enhancement points during lower levels. Core 2: ML9. Tier 2: ML10. That’s half of heroic levels right there.


    August 8, 2017

  • there are some level gates, but at level 4 you can start spending reaper points in 3 trees, if nothing else that can start adding up to some extra hp


    August 8, 2017

  • True enough. But there are ‘only’ 36 points that can be spent at L4. Someone with 50 reaper enhancement points will be respecing whenever they hit one of the level gates. And sure, having more points is always a good thing, just as it is with regular enhancement points or ED points or whatever.

    My point was that 50 vs. 5 isn’t the curbstomp you might think it is until at least halfway through Heroic levels because of the level gating. I manage to contribute to groups where I’m on the low end of the reaper enhancement points, and others manage to contribute to groups where I’m at the high end of the reaper enhancement points.


    August 11, 2017