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DDOCast 480 – Spreadsheets

This week Sahba Jade joins us to talk about augmenting your gameplay with spreadsheets and taking notes! We also talk about the newest Update 36 Duel of the Underdark!

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Spreadsheets – 3:48
Game News – 34:03
Community News – 1:03:37
Lightning Post – 1:10:10
Closing – 1:20:17

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  • Wow, this was an interesting listen. I thought I was the only person who kept records of various types.

    Appearance records, so the character can look the same from life to life: i.e. – Character A when Human: 28,2/9,4,18,3/10,2,2,9,5/7,3/12

    For gear, I use a Word document with gear listed by level and alpha within the level. If they are a mule and just holding I’ll note with a prefix the name of the character who they have ‘loaned’ an item to, so I can easily remember where it goes when that character level past the use of the item, or TRs, or whatever.

    I do use a character builder (EllisDees Character Builder Lite) so I have mapped out the stats and feats and such. I usually don’t bother with AP since that is so trivially changed, but as Patrick said if you don’t have the right starting stat, plus the right tome, then you might not quality for a feat at the right level.

    I log my daily dice rolls, for no other reason than that it amuses me to do so.

    Regarding the power gap, I had a person send me a /tell out of the blue one day asking if I’d help them run Xorian Cipher. They had checked the Who tab and I was the only person online at their level. I’d already run it solo on R1 but I don’t mind helping people and I was just loitering on the airship chatting, so we grouped up. When I saw that she was in the Path to Madness on Normal I asked her to exit out so we could run it on Elite. She did, and then died before we cleared it up to Cipher. I could UMD Raise Dead so that wasn’t a huge issue, but then she died about 5 more times in Cipher, and I felt pretty bad and apologized to her several times for taking her way outside her comfort zone. She was a good sport about it, but I could tell that she felt bad about being so very fragile. So the difference in character power can be very marked, and it can impact the enjoyment of a newer player or one with a less effective character. Competition isn’t all about Player A vs. Player B head-to-head, it is also about Player A vs. Player B against the content.



    July 21, 2017