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DDOCast 476 – DDO Debates: Proposed Cleric Changes

This week we take a closer look at the proposed cleric changes with Asheras & Draculetta! We also look at the coming changes to the artificer battle engineer enhancement tree!

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  • The Animal domain is very sub-par. It is hilarious to me, watching all the people just lose their minds over it. Cordovan, Lynnabel, random people on the forums, and now at least one of the people in this podcast. It will be taken by people who think that a lot of HP will help them survive, instead of all of the actually effective things that are in most of the other domains.

    It is the Unyielding Sentinel of Domains: Good for survivability, but once you have some decent gear you’re going to want to be in a different ED (Domain) ASAP.


    June 18, 2017

  • I can’t edit… You take the Animal Domain and 800 HP. I’ll take the Knowledge Domain and +10 Spell Penetration and +3 to all spell DCs.

    Any bets on whose character will perform better?

    And look at the Animal Domain… You made a lot of noise about the Turn Undead grants CON ability, but did you look at what that actually does for you? CON equal to half your Cleric level for 20 seconds. So a 20th Cleric is granting 10 Con. 10 Con is 5 HP/level. A level 30 character is going to get a temporary 150 HP for 20 seconds. Now does that look like such a wonderful ability?

    On the SLAs. Guys you gotta remember that not all SLAs cost 3 mana to cast, and AFAIK all SLAs have a longer cool-down than the spell of the same name. Since SSG did not release the cost and cool-down numbers (except for the Earthquake cool-down of 20 seconds) I think all the freaking out about SLAs in the Domains is way too early. The SLAs can be balanced if they are overboard by tweaking the SP cost and the cool-down. And you also have to look at the opportunity cost: If you take the Earth Domain you get Earthquake. Wow, that seems great doesn’t it! But everything else in that Domain is *meh* and now you don’t have +10 spell penetration and +3 DCs, do you?


    June 18, 2017

  • I’m certainly not that interested in taking earth domain, I agree that the rest of that domain isnt that inspiring. But it has been a conversation point ive seen and if someone is looking for more CC in their cleric, i think earthquake has to be tempting.


    June 20, 2017

  • Asheras, you are FAR too kind to the developers when it comes to your statements about how the players are just too clever for their own good. The devs have access not only to the front end, they also have access to the back end.

    They are quite capable of running the numbers. They just don’t do it very often. Worse, once something hits Lammania the devs have already baked the pie and they are very reluctant to pull out half of the apples and put in the peaches which the players point out are needed to make the pie taste good. The Lamma forums pointed out everything about Warlocks that was later nerfed.

    If the players were “too clever” for looking at the Warlock enhancement trees and seeing how they could convert the main damage type to alignment, stack that with 3 Sun Elf past lives, etc. well, that doesn’t say much for the base intelligence level of the devs, because the players only have access to the visible part of the game and the devs should be far better able to understand the balance impacts of their releases.

    Warlocks have had something like 6 nerfs. The first 2, maybe 3 were needed. After that the people who played Locks pretty much shrugged and carried on.

    And the forums still pop up with “nerf Locks!” threads fairly frequently. This is partly misconception, since Locks are not leading the DPS in Epic content, partly just a coasting effect for people who haven’t caught up with the current meta, and partly angst at how easy they are to play as if that had anything to do with balance.


    June 18, 2017