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DDOCast 475 – Quivers & Runearms

We go in depth on quivers & runearms this week with Strimtom before talking about the proposed changes to turn undead and the new cleric domains!

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Axel DDO: Proposed Turn Undead Changes
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  • One thing I didn’t hear you guys touch on was the fact that not all rune arms are craftable, and *no* rune arms over level 19 are craftable. That pretty much means that the L19 rune arms will be best in slot for a fairly large level range before improved effects will start to be better than the effects on the L19 Rune Arms plus the effects you can craft onto them. This is mostly due to the NRL effect levels being better than those on many old named items, so the few Rune arms which were released after that change are exceptions to this general rule.

    The reason St. Mu’Ray’s Fire is electric I always assumed was because it was based on St. Elmo’s fire, which is an electrical effect in the real world. And I’ve never heard of St. Mu’Ray but I just figured it was a character from some D&D novel or module or in the lore of some source book.



    June 11, 2017

  • At 1:11 you ask if Turn Undead can destroy undead, and you say that you have to be way overlevel for this to happen. Which is correct, but it ignores the Mighty Turning enhancement that all Cleric who want to turn undead take. This is a T2 ability in the Radiant Servant tree that converts a turn result into a destroy result.

    Mighty Turning is how Clerics make Turn Undead work in heroics. It really does not work in Epics. The reports you’ve seen about people landing Turn Undead in Riding the Storm Out are a fully maxed out TU build on the Normal level. In a raid, where there are no Champions with deathward who ignore Mighty Turning.

    But SSG has said that they are abandoning the changes to TU because a very few people told them it was working just fine across 6 days after the sneak peek, balanced against years of many people telling them it was broken. That seems to be very sketchy reasoning, so I’m going to guess that there is some other reason driving that decision.

    800 Hit Points is trivial. Look at the entire benefit of the domain, and it’s clear that it *might* be taken by a new Cleric who is undergeared, for the exact reasons a lot of new/undergeared characters will run in Unyielding Sentinel but abandon it for a better DPS tree as soon as they get their gear to a decent level.



    June 11, 2017

  • The arrows from the level 14 “Quivering Quiver” can not be sold to vendors. You may sell them on the Auction House, if people will buy them.



    June 12, 2017