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DDOCast 473 – DDO Debates: Reaper Healing

This week we debate some questions including “should the healing penalty in reaper mode be reduced?” with Antha, Arkat, & Evilbeeker! We also take a look at game and community news!

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DDO Debates – 2:23
-Should the self healing penalty be reduced in reaper mode? – 3:02
-Are Reaper rewards good incentive or bad powercreep? – 10:28
-Is gear more important than builds and how you play a character? – 22:40
-What is the best quest to have dimension door in? – 31:20
-What, from a pen and paper lense, is mechanically the best ddo specific dungeon. not classic modules like temple or slavelords. – 36:32
Game News – 47:17
Community News – 1:10:05
Lightning Post – 1:13:34
Closing – 1:23:57

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DDO Chronicle 235
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