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DDOCast 468 – Casual Gaming: Gearing Up

We give some tips and a few choice items for Casual Players to Gear Up! We also cover the latest game and community news with our guests Evennote & Evilbeeker!

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Casual Gaming: Gearing Up – 4:33
Game News – 1:06:34
Community News – 1:22:14
Lightning Post – 1:28:44
Closing – 1:33:50

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  • Love your show! I feel as though you have overlooked an important item that could make the difference between group wipe and glorious success–the Onyx of the Twelve (one shot) or the Obsidian of the Twelve. By turning in planar shards that you receive from t-bags in the subterranean you can gain these items from an npc in the Marketplace. If you do not have the ability to raise or the umd to use scrolls of raise, you can prevent a party wipe by being prepared!

    The two pieces of Cannith challenges that float from my different toons are the bracers for my electric throwers (pale trappers, druid casters, and arties, and the trinket for my bards and fey warlocks. I also preach the gospel of cannith challenges for small friends and family guilds to get pots of guild renown. Save your tokens and learn the challenges–you will be rewarded for your efforts!

    Thank you for a consistently awesome podcast,

    ~Puffgranny of Kyber


    puffgranny of Kyber

    April 6, 2017

  • I really enjoyed this episode. I consider myself ‘casual’ because (due to time constraints and inclincation) I solo almost exclusively, which means that raids – unless I come back to them at a higher level – are generally beyond me when it comes to gearing, and the higher guild buffs are currently out of my reach (my solo guild is L28).



    April 10, 2017