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DDOCast 462 – DDO Debates: Jan 2017 Producer’s Letter

This week we bring back DDO Debates to take a look at the Jan 2017 Producer’s Letter with Hafeal and new guest Arkat!

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DDO Debates: Jan 2017 Producer’s Letter – 4:56
-What’s the best thing about the producers letter? – 6:09
-What’s the most important thing to get right with Ravenloft? – 13:58
-Pitch a Dragonborn racial tree – 26:12
-Pitch Sentient Weapons – 40:40
-Who is the toughest DDO boss – 52:18
-Should class balance me more present, or is it fine having some classes be inherently more powerful? -56:24
Game News – 1:07:04
Community News – 1:31:21
Lightning Post – 1:42:35
Closing – 1:48:34

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Moment of Silence for Asheron’s Call

  • Almost every suggestion the panel made for the Dragonborn racial tree is already in the Draconic Incarnation ED. Intimidation, breath weapon, etc. Which is somewhat natural since that ED already contains all of the most common traits of dragons. This is going to be a challenge for SSG as well.


    February 17, 2017

  • Reaper mode XP being based on the base quest level while regular experience is based on the effective quest level (i.e. a level 5 quest run on Elite says in the XP log that it is a level 7 quest and the XP awards are based on that number) is completely screwed up. So many mechanics are based on this system. The entire player base is used to running a base level 5 quest on HE with a level 7 character in order to take no penalty to XP and no penalty to remnant drops.

    But the way reaper XP works this means that in order to not suffer a reaper XP penalty a player must run quests two levels below the effective level. That same base level 5 quest which is at an effective level of 7 would have to be run by 5th level characters in order to avoid a significant reaper XP penalty.

    They should both be based on effective level.


    February 17, 2017