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DDOCast 443 – DDO Debates: Tieflings, Kobolds & Psionics

DDO Debates returns with Cordovan as our guest moderator as Asheras, BonnieBew & Patrick share their thoughts on Tieflings, Kobolds, & Psionics! We then take a look at game and community news!

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DDO Debates – 1:59
Should PC tieflings have horns and tails? – 3:00
Pitch Kobolds as a player race – 14:25
Do we want/need psionics? – 26:05
What existing brand/franchise could DDO merge with? – 36:15
Speed round! – 38:54
Game News – 49:05
Community News – 1:11:32
Lightning Post – 1:30:49
Closing – 1:33:52

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  • 1. I liked patrick’s idea for the iconic kobold being the shaman. cool.
    2. tieflings should have horns, yeah the tails could be optional, but I would personally like to have a tail that moves.
    3. asheras’ idea for psionics was interesting. it would be cool if psionics could be enabled by a feat, which would open up an enhancement tree that would further develop their existing class with psionic abilities. I feel that is how psionics was originally conceived in d&d. but i would be okay with a psionicist class as well, although as patrick said it would overlap with a lot of existing spell abilities/effects in ddo. seeing telekinetic effects in ddo (like forcing an enemy closer or pushing it away) would be the cool – the psionic equivalent of intimidate/diplomacy.



    September 6, 2016

  • I would love to see some Dragon Lance stuff. Have Raistlin as an NPC giving qwests that parallel the first two trilogies.



    September 7, 2016