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DDOCast 442 – Building Basics

Strimtom, Hafeal & Former DDO Developer Lynnabel join Patrick for lots of talk about Building Basics! We get crunchy & theory heavy as we get into mechanics and how to make choices when it comes to building your character!  We also check into the new game and community news!

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Building Basics – 2:58
Game News & Community News – 1:38:00
Lightning Post & Closing – 1:51:07

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  • Hi, usually your shows have a download link that I use to save and listen to it on my mp3 player while driving. It seems to be missing on episode 442
    Hey just a suggestion, but How about a show about Weapons? My biggest hurdle since I started back playing was how to arm my characters. Melee, Ranged, Shields, Runarms. These would be great shows


    September 1, 2016

  • fixed!

    weapons are on my list!


    September 4, 2016

  • Still think the best thing a new player can do is read the wiki pages on the class they want. IMO it helps planning and vision. You can see what is coming later and keep excited as you push through the first few levels.


    September 7, 2016