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DDOCast 439 – New Player Tips

This week we look at some New Player Tips with Evennote, BonnieBew, & Propane.  We look at things like making your first character, skills you should lean & how you can develop them, getting XP, early gearing, and playing well with others & vets!

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New Player Tips – 3:29
Game & Community News – 1:31:48
Lightning Post – 1:42:32
Closing – 1:55:40

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  • […] this past weekend, I was Patrick‘s guest on DDOCast #439, New Player Tips, along with the lovely BonnieBew and Propane. There was some really excellent advice for new-ish […]

  • You had a brief discussion about not buying gear from the store. Unless I missed it (because I was listening whilst crafting) I didn’t hear what I believe is the best piece of advice to a new player regarding the store:

    Never buy TP unless it is on sale, and never buy anything from the store unless it is on sale. Make your dollars work for you both coming and going.

    Also, any purchase of TP (or any purchase made with dollars? I’m unsure if buying the expansions with $$ will upgrade a FTP to Premuim) makes your account Premium instead of Free To Play, which comes with a few nice perks over a FTP account.

    Character appearance is important to me. I will write down the selections I make for appearance on creation, and then set them the same after every TR. And once I buy cosmetics for a character they become a part of their look forever.


    August 10, 2016

  • You ask for suggestions for topic every show. There was a brief discussion on collectables as they relate to CC, but I think a full collectables discussion would be welcome topic. Someone said there wasn’t much value in the things you can turn them in for, but I disagree. I crafted up 2 full stacks of Elixirs of Lesser Healing and use them for TR runs. You can make better ones, but of course they require the higher tier of collecables which don’t accumulate in such huge numbers. You can also play roulette trading in for augments, and not spend Astral Shards for your low level augments or have to get lucky with drops or on the AH.

    Beside things you can turn them in for, you could discuss the collectables that have no use in game at all, and there are a decent handful of them. Turbine might not even be aware of these and they would be prime candidates for using in the new CC system. Also there are a pile of unused Soul Gems from the Trap the Soul spell. And then there are the collectables used in CC and also the Stone of Change.


    August 10, 2016