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DDOCast 440 – Ask the Devs: U32

This week Patrick Asks the Devs about U32, Cannith Crafting, Assault on the Slave Lords, Monks, Favored Souls, and more!

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  • ive got a question for the dev next time u interview them. its been 15 updates since epic gianthold and the new dragon models were introduces and we’ve got 6 greens, 8 reds(9 if u count the truthful one), 4 whites(5 if u count arricaxerxes which cant be killed so I don’t) and 1 shadow dragon lich but no blues or blacks with the new models. is there any plans to show those 2 some love? as someone that loves to slay all dragons only getting to see 3 of the 5 Chromatic gets kinda boring would also like to see some of the metallic in eberron to slay as they can be evil there.

    torrun mcscaly

    August 15, 2016

  • i’m always a fan of more dragons


    August 15, 2016