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DDOCast 437 – Spell Selection: Druids & Rangers

This week we wrap up our series on Spell Selection with Voodu & Asheras talking about Druids & Rangers.  We also take a look at the last 2 weeks worth of DDO, Community, and General Gaming news and some lightning post!

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Spell Selection: Druids – 2:05
Spell Selection: Rangers – 1:03:00
Game News – 1:07:20
Community News – 1:19:24
Lightning Post – 1:30:00
Closing – 1:38:00

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  • Thanks for posting a new episode. I was going through withdrawals 😀


    July 28, 2016

  • A couple questions and observations:

    Ram’s Might – “+2 size bonus to Strength and damage” This should be a +3 damage for any STR based build. I’ve seen this spell listed as a ‘must-have’ in almost every Ranger build, even dex based builds (and I have it on my current dex based bow Ranger). So I assume that the +2 to damage is untyped. But I haven’t done any target testing.

    Pack Aptitude – I believe there was a question about what type the bonus is. It is a circumstance bonus, and that stacks with just about everything.

    Cannith Crafting – The system revision is not looking good. The removal of flexible shards will make fitting items into a build more difficult, there are several effects that do not scale properly, and of course the entire new Cannith system is being built on top of New Random Loot, which has a huge amount of issues and a pile of bugs. Also the requirement for collectables in ALL recipes adds a dimension that the current Cannith Crafting does not have, except for the ubiquitous Eberron and Khyber Dragonshards.


    August 1, 2016