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DDOCast 417 – DDO Debates: Character Building w/ Steelstar

Steelstar joins DDOCast as our special guest moderator for DDO Debates: Character Building with Patrick, Chai & Antha! Cordovan also joins us for community and game news! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the debate questions in the comments!

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DDO Debates w/ Steelstar – 2:24
-Redesign 1 Existing Feat – 3:35
-Pitch an artificer enhancement revamp – 18:57
-Pitch an artificer based destiny – 35:04
-Best class to play pure – 49:06
-Best class to splash into a multiclass build – 57:30
-Best twistable destiny ability – 1:04:53
Game News – 1:11:23
Community News – 1:36:16
Lightning Post – 1:46:53
Closing – 1:49:50

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Ludwig: DDOCast last episode 415
Full Moon Fury: Guide to Great Crossbows
Lorehound: Beginning of an Adventure
Honest Past Lives
MMO Games: Best Online Fantasy Game
Massively Overpowered: First Look at Gnomes

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  • There is a sneezing sound in the audio that occurs every 30 seconds or so.


    Don Vanderweele

    February 17, 2016