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DDOCast 415 – DDO Debates: Endgame with Special Guest Vargouille

Special Guest Moderator Vargouille joins us for a special DDO Debates with Asheras, Propane & Axel with the special peanut gallery of Patrick and Jerry! Listen as we debate a variety of endgame topics and then take a look at the news in DDO and answer some lightning post!

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DDO Debates: Endgame – 1:45
-How should high level advancement happen? – 4:56
-What pack should get a legendary version? – 15:16
-Is it worth staying at level 30? – 25:30
-Are legendary monsters doing too much damage? – 31:08
-Best Designed Raid – 41:01
-How many characters should you maintain? – 52:17
Game & Community News – 1:01:07
Lightning Post – 1:13:30
Closing – 1:28:06

DDO Chronicle 175
Shady Rogues Announcement Video
Shady Rogues: Jungle of Khyber
Axel: DDO Retrospective 2
Axel: DDO Retrospective 3
Erdrique: Festivult Results
Grimorde: Getting to Grips with Warlock
DDO Players News Poll: Best Part of Producer’s Letter
DDO’s Collected Storylines

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  • Surprised nobody thought the Inspired Quarter didn’t get mentioned for a Legendary pass – and would love to see the story line extended 🙂


    January 26, 2016

  • **Surprised nobody thought the Inspired Quarter should get a Legendary pass

    Sorry – it’s early!


    January 26, 2016