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DDOCast 408 – DDO Debates: Level 16-24

Cordovan steps into the moderator seat as Propane, Antha & Patrick debate levels 16-24! We also cover the fantastic Black Friday sales, community news, and game news!

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PRODUCER’S NOTE: Due to lack of available time there are no time markers for this episode.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

DDO Debates: Levels 16-24
-What is the best quest?
-What quest should you avoid?
-What monster is most likely to kill you?
-What Adventure Pack is a must have?
-What piece of gear should you be looking for?
-What heroic weapon would you like to have as an epic version?
-Which bonus day is the most impactful on gameplay?
Game News
Community News
Lightning Post

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  • Loved the comment about the Garden Gnome armor set for Glamouring. Brought to mind something that I would love to see as a novelty set or perhaps a Xoriat inspired thing. That of course would be the Frying Pan/Skillet (1h weapon), Spatula (1h weapon), and the Chef’s Hat (helm). Frying Pan could have a proc to summone a Hamby or Clamby to fight for you. 😀



    November 30, 2015